What Kind Of Fish Are Best For Outdoor Ponds?

If you’re a fish fan, then you may be considering getting yourself an outdoor pond and filling it with scaly friends. However, an outdoor pond is not the same as a heated, indoor tank. There are plenty of different things you’ll need to consider before you start filling it with fish. You’ll want to look for freshwater fish that are hardy and can withstand any kind of temperature, whether it be a boiling hot summer or a freezing cold winter. These are the kind of fish that are best for outdoor ponds…

The Common Goldfish

Let’s kick off with one of the most popular fish for outdoor ponds – the common goldfish! While it may be a common kind of fish, that doesn’t make it any less exciting. There are plenty of variations in size and color when it comes to these domesticated versions of old Chinese carp. Some species can grow up to a foot long, so make sure you pick the ones that are going to fit in your pond. Luckily, they also get along with pretty much any other fish, so you don’t need to worry about breaking up any pond fights.

Koi Carp

Another common fish you’ll find in outdoor ponds is the koi carp. However, before you worry that you’re going to have the ‘same fish’ as everyone else, consider this… There are believed to be over 100 different koi subspecies, all with their own unique colors and patterns. No two koi carp are the same! Koi are also pretty tolerant when it comes to changing temperatures, so weather extremes shouldn’t be too much of an issue for them. However, bear in mind that your outdoor pond should be at least a meter deep if you’re planning on investing in koi.

Pond Sturgeon

If you don’t mind investing in a fish that you’ll probably never see again, then get yourself a pond sturgeon! These bottom feeders like the darkness and hanging around at the bottom, or in hiding places, so it’s likely you’ll not see very much of it once it is in the pond. However, they’re a fascinating fish and will definitely make a great addition to your collection. You’re going to want a pretty large pond (or even a lake) to keep a sturgeon, though, as even the smallest sterlet sturgeon can grow up to a meter in length!

Siamese Algae Eater

Make your fish work for their place in the pond, by getting a Siamese algae eater. As you may have guessed by their name, these little critters are excellent at eating up all of the algae that may build up on the surface of your pond. You know that green grime? Yeah, they love it! While they may be helpful at keeping your pond clean, they’re also quite lively. As such, they shouldn’t be placed with really docile fish that could get stressed out by them. They’ll also need to be brought indoors if temperatures drop below 70 to 79° F (21 to 26° C).

There are so many different types of fish that will thrive in your outdoor pond, it’s just about finding the right ones for you!