Why Your Kids Will Love A Stick Insect As A Pet – And What It Will Teach Them About Responsibility

If your kids constantly ask you for a pet, it can be hard to constantly knock them down. Although you want to give them everything they could possibly want or need in their lives, sometimes you just can’t warrant getting a dog, a cat, or even something smaller like a rabbit or guinea pig. You might not have the space, you might not have the time, and you might even have allergies. However, you’ll be happy to know that not all if lost. There are various pets out there that are much easier to take care of, and stick insects are one of them.

The perfect pet

When you think of the perfect pet, there’s a high chance that you don’t think of stick insects. After all, they are rather unique, and they aren’t the kind of pets that you need to take for walks or ones that you can play fetch with. Although you might not realize it, that’s exactly what makes them so perfect. Stick insects are extremely low maintenance, and they are also low cost. All you need to do is buy them a humid home that’s filled with lovely edible foliage and make sure that their food is topped up whenever the leaves and plants are running low.

Something different

Children are often fascinated by bugs and creepy crawlies, which is why a stick insect is the perfect pet for them. Although they won’t be able to cuddle it or take it on adventures, stick insects are incredible to watch. Your kids can watch it through the glass, or they could even hold it in their hands to take a closer look at them. They can be extremely enjoyable, and they are also something different. While the rest of your kids’ friends will have dogs and cats, your child can show off their stick insect and wow their friendship group on a regular basis.

The responsibilities

While a stick insect is pretty low maintenance, that doesn’t mean that they don’t take some pretty intense looking after. These animals need to be kept in a climate that is similar to their natural habitat, which means that their tank needs to be kept relatively hot and humid. This tank doesn’t need to be cleaned out every single day, but it will need to be cleaned out every so often to maintain a healthy living environment for the animal. By entrusting your child with this responsibility, you can give them the opportunity to care for another living creature and have their life in their hands. It will also teach them about perseverance because that stick insect will require a certain amount of care and attention throughout its life.

Are you looking to buy your child a pet? Choosing the right one for your family can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. A stick insect could be the perfect new addition to your home, and it will teach your child valuable lessons at the same time.