Is Your Cat Overweight Or Is Their Saggy Stomach Something Else?

Many of us have giggled at our cat’s tummy over the years, but there could be more to all of that extra skin. Yes, that saggy stomach might not be because they’re overweight and could be something else entirely.

Spotting the pouch

You might not have to look too close to see the saggy stomach that we’re talking about. Each cat’s stomach is different depending on their age, gender, and weight. However, all cats have the loose skin. Many of us have always put it down to cats being overweight or being neutered. Did you know that all cats have this extra skin? It’s actually called their primordial pouch – and there are some very good reasons that it’s there. It’s made up of excess skin and might not be too much to worry about after all.

Keeping them safe

One of the main reasons that our cats have a primordial pouch is to help out when they’re fighting. It helps to provide extra protection and padding when our kitties are going toe to toe – or claw to claw. Cats often know how to get each other where it hurts and will target their enemy’s stomach with their hind legs. The extra skin helps to protect the delicate area and provide more protection to their organs. Having the loose skin also makes it easier for cats to break away from their opponent or a predator.

Nice and flexible

Amazingly, helping to protect them from an attack is just one of the many uses for a primordial pouch. Have you ever noticed that your cat loves to bend into all kinds of positions? Perhaps you’ve heard them zooming around the house at 4am? Their ability to defy everything we thought we knew is helped by their extra skin. The loose skin means they can stretch out when they’re running or jumping without hurting themselves. Out cats may also overindulge every now and then. While we have to loosen the button on our pants, our cats have built-in expanders thanks to the primordial pouch.

Learning the difference

While all of our cats have a primordial pouch, it’s vital that we learn the difference between what’s normal and what’s a sign of them being overweight. If they are a healthy weight, then their skin should hang and swing from side to side. However, if your cat has gained a few pounds, then the extra fat will sit close to their body and won’t move as much when they walk. A simple way to see if your cat is overweight is to see if you can feel their ribs. You should be able to make out the definition of each rib with a reasonable pressure, but you shouldn’t have to press too hard or be able to see them.

So many of us have welcomed cats into our lives over the years. After all, they’re great pets and fascinating creatures. Whoever would have thought that your cat’s saggy skin could be such an important part of their build?