How To Keep Your Pets Safe At Thanksgiving

One of the things you’re probably thankful for at Thanksgiving is your pets. However, if you want your animals to enjoy the special day as much as you and your loved ones, you need to ensure they stay safe. It’s amazing how many risks this holiday can pose.

Be careful with costumes

Some pet owners like to dress up their animals on occasions like Thanksgiving. While this isn’t an issue in itself, the outfit mustn’t hinder them in any way. If it’s too tight, loose, or restricts their ability to walk, breathe, etc., it needs to go. Looking cute isn’t worth the damage these clothes can do.

Know which flowers are poisonous

A floral centerpiece is an excellent decoration for the table during Thanksgiving. However, while the flowers might look and smell nice, they could pose a surprising threat to your animal companions. Certain plants are poisonous when ingested or even touched by cats and dogs, so understanding which ones fall into this category is essential. Autumn crocus and chrysanthemums are a couple of popular choices for floral centerpieces that you’ll want to avoid because of this danger.

Avoid certain foods

Thanksgiving typically involves a lot of food, and some of that is undoubtedly going to end up on your pet’s plate. Just be careful about what you offer them. If you give them turkey, make sure it’s not undercooked or contains bones, as this can cause salmonella and internal injuries. Be sure to keep your pets away throughout the cooking process, as things like bread dough and raw dessert mixture can also have severe consequences. Finally, if there are chocolates around, don’t let the animal anywhere near them.

Have a quiet space

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to invite family and friends around so you can celebrate the special day together. Having a bunch of guests will likely be a lot for you to handle, but there’s someone who may be even more overwhelmed by it all – your pet. If your animal companion is shy or anxious around strangers, it’s worth setting up a quiet space for them to spend the day. This will ensure they feel comfortable during Thanksgiving so that they can enjoy the holiday as much as everyone else.

Prepare for emergencies

Accidents happen. Even with all this advice at your disposal, something could still go wrong during Thanksgiving. That’s why it’s a good idea to prepare for emergencies, so you can leap into action if anything does happen. This includes checking your veterinarian’s availability in advance and putting together a pet first aid kit. Making a note of essential phone numbers, such as an emergency vet and the ASPCA, is also worthwhile. That way, you’re covered on the off chance that something happens to your animal companion.

Thanksgiving is a joyful time, but it can also be a stressful one with the amount there is to plan and prepare. Fortunately, if you know how to keep your pet safe, you should have one less thing to worry about when the big day arrives.