How To Keep Your Dog Happy While In Quarantine

Being in quarantine is taking a huge toll on many of us across the planet. It’s not just us that we have to think about – what about our pets? It might be time to learn how to keep your dog happy while in quarantine.

Think about dog TV

Would you believe there are TV shows for our dogs? They can be anything from calming scenes to running through a forest, and they could be just what your pet needs right now. They have been designed to help keep your dog amused while also making sure they are calm and entertained throughout the day. Plus, many services offer a free trial. Could this be the answer for those of us that still have to work from home?

Use healthier treats

Many of us have learned how hard it can be to stay away from all those snacks during quarantine. Just because they are there doesn’t mean that we have to eat them. The same goes for our dogs. They don’t suddenly need a lot of extra treats to know that we love them. Instead, it could be better for everyone to opt for some healthier snacks instead. Sliced apple, carrots, and celery sticks can be healthier for everyone in the house, especially if our dogs are suddenly getting less exercise than before.

Keep them entertained

This doesn’t just mean leaving some music on for your god. Just because you can’t go out for your usual weekend hike doesn’t mean that you have to give up on all entertainment. Puzzle toys are great for keeping your dog’s mind ticking over while food scavenger hunts will force them to use their nose to find food. If you have a yard, then why not have fun throwing a tennis ball for your dog? You can also make the most of your short walks by turning them into runs if you and your dog are up to it.

Keep stocked up

We’re not saying that you should go out there and panic-buy dog food. However, if your dog needs a particular type of food or treats, then it’s important to make sure that you don’t run out. Why not head to the store a couple of days sooner than you usually would to make sure you have enough to keep your dog happy while in quarantine?

Spend time together

Going into quarantine might not be ideal, but it’s a great excuse to spend more time with your dog and keep them happy. This could be anything from giving them a brush to watching a movie on the couch together. This doesn’t have to be just for now, either. If you enjoy spending more time together, then why not ask to work from home in the future or see if you can take your dog to the office?

Just because many of us are in lockdown doesn’t mean that our dogs have to suffer. Learning how to keep your dog happy while in quarantine helps to make sure that all of the family stays healthy.