How To Introduce Your Pets To Each Other

Just because we love our pets more than anything else doesn’t mean that they will instantly get along. In fact, it could take a little bit of work before your pets learn how to become friends. Here’s how to introduce your pets to each other.

Let your pets settle

It’s usually best to let your pets settle before you try to introduce them to one another. This could be a few days to make sure the new addition has settled into their new home and that they have somewhere they feel safe. Even when they can’t see each other, the chances are that your pets will be able to hear and smell one another.

Feed them near each other

A great way to get your pets used to each other is to feed them on opposite sides of a shut door. Start by feeding them further away from the door and move them close with each feed. This will help your pets to associate the smell of the other pet with positive things. Try not to move forward with your introduction until they are eating calmly on each side of the door.

Work on basic commands

Keeping your pets separate can be a great way to work on basic commands. Why not make sure that your dog remembers how to sit, stay, and lay down before introducing them to your other pet? These can be useful skills to take into the next stage of the introduction.

Let them see each other

If everything else has been going well, then it could be time to introduce your pets to each other. Make sure to do this in a neutral space and not in either of your pets’ safe spaces. If you have a dog, then keep them on a leash. If one of your pets is a cat, then let them move freely around the room so they can come and go as they please. Be sure to reward good behavior and repeat this daily until both of your pets seem calm.

Allow them to be loose together

It could be time to let your pets be loose together, but only if things have been kept calm. Although your dog can be free to go up to your other pet, be sure to keep their leash attached to their harness. This means you can grab the leash if things take a turn or your dog goes to chase your other pet.

Settle into new life

If things all go well and your pets appear to be getting along, then it’s time to settle into your regular routine. You can still provide your pets with safe spaces of the house that they can use as their own, but they can also share communal areas.

Learning how to introduce your pets to each other doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, it can be a simple process that sets you up to a life of pets living in harmony with one another. Could we ask for any more?