How To Help Your Pets Stay Safe During Fireworks Displays

Fireworks really liven up an atmosphere. They’re an excellent way to celebrate an event, from July 4 to New Year’s Day, and they’re almost always a visual spectacular. However, while fireworks might go down a treat with many people, the same can’t be said for pets. A lot of animals don’t enjoy these loud, bright displays, but luckily, there are ways to help them feel at ease during these occasions.

Too loud to handle

All manner of pets are afraid of fireworks, but it’s dogs that are particularly uncomfortable around these explosions. That probably shouldn’t be a surprise given these animals have an incredibly strong sense of hearing. If we can still pick up fireworks going off on the other side of town, just imagine what it’s like for a dog. That’s why it’s best to avoid taking your pet to any displays, and instead, making them feel as comfortable as possible at home.

Making the home safer

There are many ways that you can keep a dog calm when there are fireworks outside. For one, closing all windows and putting some music or the TV on is a great idea to try and mask the sound. It may not tune out the explosions completely, but it will certainly lessen their intensity. If your pet is still afraid even with these distractions, having some established hiding places around the house is also ideal. These are little spots that are perhaps more soundproof where they can disappear to when the fireworks start up.

Many ways to stay safe

Dogs aren’t the only ones that get unsettled around fireworks. Cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, and many other pets also freak out during these displays. To help keep cats safe, it’s best to ensure that they’re in the house before any fireworks go off. It’s also a good idea to have some hiding spots for them, too, so they have somewhere peaceful to hang out.

As for small animals, partially covering outdoor cages can help with soundproofing. Plus, providing them with extra bedding gives them a place to hide during all the explosions. Alternatively, you can bring the pet indoors, although this may be something you’ll need to prepare for in advance.

Other things to consider

It’s not unusual for pets to freak out during firework displays. In a lot of cases, the best thing you can do for your animals if they stress out is to simply be there for them. Some of these tips may not completely put your pets at ease, but if you give them the right amount of care, that should ease their worries. That means not punishing them for their behavior when there are fireworks outside. It also means trying to play with your pets when displays are happening, although only if they’re up for it. Trying to force them to enjoy themselves could end up having an adverse effect.

You may not be able to control when people set off fireworks, but at least you can still keep your pets safe when it happens.