How to Choose the Best Tropical Fish for a Thriving Tank

Fish tanks can be a great way to add some life and color to your home. If you’re thinking about bringing some of the aquatic wonders into your life, then here’s how to choose the best tropical fish for a thriving tank.

Zebra danios

One of the best things about zebra danio is they are adaptable fish that are relatively easy to look after. They do well in large groups and love to swim around the tank together. This helps their shimmery blue and silver scales show off their beauty under aquarium lighting.

Rainbow sharks

Rainbow sharks are bright and really stand out against the rest of the tank. They are black-bodied fish with bright red fins but be warned, they don’t do well with other rainbow sharks. They are best kept with larger fish to ensure there’s no chance of fighting and need plenty of places to hide.


If you’re looking for a beginner fish for your tropical fish tank, you might want to consider mollies. They are a hardy fish that are pretty tolerant when it comes to water. They love to explore their tank, so they will often be seen darting around. Most varieties of this breed come in various reds and oranges.


There are several breeds of tropical catfish. However, corydoras are usually the easiest to keep. There are so many different variants of this catfish, meaning there is something for everyone. They are amusing to watch, thrive in groups of four or more, and help to keep the bottom of your tank nice and clean.


Commonly referred to as suckerfish, plecostomus are brilliant for tropical fish tanks as they help to keep the algae down. Just remember they can grow up to 24 inches long, so you may need to invest in a large tank. Plecostomus usually come to life at night, so you’ll have a thriving tank all around the clock.

Neon tetras

The name gives it all away as neon tetras are among the brighter tropical fish on the market. They come in several colors, including black, silver, blue, and red. This breed does well in a group. They absorb the light from the day and shimmer it back into the tank with their aquatic performances making a brilliant addition to many tanks.

Red swordtails

You need to make sure you have a lid on your tropical fish tank before adding red swordtails as they know how to jump. However, if you keep them in, then these tropical fish help to make a thriving tank thanks to their bright color and impressive tails.


This popular breed of tropical fish comes in every color of the rainbow. The best bit? Guppies are a peaceful breed that brings plenty of color variation to a tank. They are a species that loves to live in groups – a great way to add plenty of colors.

Choosing the best tropical fish for a thriving tank could soon see a tank filled with color and variation thanks to these easy-to-keep breeds.