How To House Train Your Bunny

Rabbits are becoming a more and more popular choice for people all around the world. Their floppy ears teamed with their twitching noses can make them too good to resist. If you find yourself wanting to let your new pet roam around the house, then it might be time to learn how to house train your bunny.

Setting up the tray

All you need is a cat’s litter box or a shallow storage tub to get you started when house training your bunny. Then, it’s time to find a substrate to use. Newspaper is an easy, and cheap, option for many, while unscented cat litter can also be used. Just be sure not to use anything clumpy or shavings as they can be harmful to your rabbit.

In one end

Believe it or not, but rabbits like to go to the toilet when they are eating hay. Yes, they really are living a life of luxury. One of the best ways to teach your rabbit about where they need to go is to put the hay on the other side of the litter tray so they must sit in the box to reach their food. This way, they are forced to go where you need them to.

Keep things small

Another way to teach your rabbit about the litter box is to invest in a small pen. Place everything they need inside, including their litter box, and the limited space should help them to realize where they need to go. As they learn, increase the space they have. If they start to go outside of the tray then simply make the area smaller again.

Make the point

Sometimes our rabbits might have an accident, and that’s perfectly normal. However, we need to ensure we enforce the rule that they need to use the litter box. All you need to do is scoop up any mess in a piece of tissue and put it in the box until it’s time to be changed. Just remember to place a plastic mat underneath the tray to avoid any spillages.

Be patient

Training can take a long time, but it’s important to remain calm as your bunny is sure to get there eventually. We may occasionally be able to tell when our rabbit is about to go and move them to the box before there is an accident. However, if they are deliberately ignoring the rules, then it might be time to figure out who is top bunny in the house.

Move the tray

We might want our bunny to use the tray in one part of the house, but they might have completely other ideas. If you find your rabbit keeps using the bathroom is a specific part of your home, then it might be time to give in to their demands and move the litter tray to an area of their choosing instead.

Rabbits can be excellent additions to any home, and learning how to house train your bunny is sure to see the pair of you learn how to live in peace alongside one another.