Here’s Why You Should Always Clean Your Dog’s Leash

Let’s be honest; there are plenty of items around our house that we should probably clean a lot more than we do. Our phones. Our light switches. Our bedsheets. Now, there’s another one to add to the list: our dog’s leash – and here’s why you should always keep it clean.

It’s covered in germs

One of the main reasons you should always clean your dog’s leash is because of how much we touch it on a daily basis. Take a look at your leash. Does it look covered in dirt, grime, and hair? If the answer is yes to any of the above, it could be time to get cleaning. We touch all kinds of things throughout the day, and they can end up on the leash. It doesn’t matter how many times we wash our hands; we will always reinfect ourselves as soon as it’s time for our next walkies.

It could harm your dog

Another reason you should always clean your dog’s leash is because it could actually be dangerous for your dog. That’s right; just as germs and bacteria can be dangerous for us if we get them on our hands, these can have the same effects on our dogs if they get them in their mouth. A little clean could be all the leash needs to make things safer for everyone.

Keep things simple

You don’t always have to go all-out to make sure your dog’s leash is clean and healthy. Some simple leashes are safe to put in the washing machine, so long as you use a delicates bag to avoid damaging the drum. Simply add it in for a wash with some detergent and leave it to air dry. If you’re worried about it drying in time or you like to head out on multiple walks a day, why not invest in some spare leashes you can use in the meantime?

Give it a good scrub

It’s best to clean your dog’s leash at least once a month – and giving it a deep clean could be the best place to start, especially if you’ve never washed it before. You can mix up some hot water and soap in a bowl as a base and leave your leash to soak for ten minutes. Then, use a soft nylon toothbrush to scrub out any stains or marks that just won’t budge, making sure to pay attention to any overlap of material or stitching. Give your dog’s leash a rinse with some clean water and leave it to air dry, so it’s ready for your next adventure.

Cleaning your dog’s leash isn’t always something that comes to mind, but it can be an important part of owning a dog. Not only does it look better, but keeping your dog’s leash clean can help to keep the pair of you safe whenever you head out for a walk. It doesn’t even have to take very long to get your leash shining to its former glory – just a little bit of elbow grease now and then.