Should I Get My Kid A Pet?

The life of a parent is greatly characterized by decisions. One moment, you are wondering which school to pick for your kid. The next, you are wondering what the best approach to discipline is. At this particular time in life, perhaps you are wondering whether to get your kid a pet. Well, there are a number of factors that come into play.

Factors to consider before getting your child a pet

Cost: Consider whether or not you can afford to buy and maintain the pet comfortably. The maintenance cost may be substantial depending on the pet’s feeding needs, exercise and grooming needs, and also the frequency of veterinary care.

Allergies: Does your child suffer from any form of allergies? Some pets can cause serious allergic reactions.

Effect on other family members: Before getting a pet, remember that this decision will affect the rest of the family members. Children are not capable of taking care of the pet by themselves. This means that you or other family members may have to step in.

Timing: This refers to the pet’s lifespan and your child’s age. For instance, you should want a pet that grows together with your child. Also, getting your toddler a pet is dangerous and meaningless, as the baby and pet may hurt each other.

Should you get them a pet anyway?

Yes. Your kid will develop a sense of responsibility by learning that a pet needs to be fed, cleaned and even taken to the vet. This teaches your child the value of caring for living creatures and other human beings.

Further, pets are affectionate creatures. They have an excellent way of showing affection in return for the kid’s loving attention. This brings your kid joy and contentment.

5 best pets for kids

Now that you have taken all the factors into consideration, the final step is choosing the pet. Here, you have many options.

Dogs and cats

These are the most common pets. Their grooming and feeding needs are lower than those of other animals, making them easy to keep and maintain. They are also easygoing and playful, thus offering your child an ideal companion.


They may be a good place to start for teaching your kid pet ownership. You may get a goldfish in a tropical aquarium or a saltwater fish in a fish pond. Goldfish are more difficult to raise than Betta fish.


These are an excellent pet choice. Some bird species can be very intelligent, while others are very social. A parrot makes a great companion to your kid and family. However, keeping birds is a bit costly in terms of time and money.


These include tortoises and turtles. A major plus in keeping reptile pets is that they are hypoallergenic.


These are not common pets, but they are an ideal choice for parents who don’t have that much free time. These small animals require very minimal attention and very little space.