Game, Set, Twins. Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias Share Pictures of Sunshine Twins

It’s time to meet two adorable twin babies. Kids decked out in grey pajamas while getting kisses from Mom and Dad may sound like any picture posted on social media, but the twins in question belong to Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias.

Did you even know they were expecting? We’ll forgive you if you did not. In fact, it’s quite a feat to keep the news quiet in this day and age of online streaming, 24/7 Twitter feeds and celebrity entertainment.


Anna and Enrique are both talented stars and internationally famous individuals in their own right. Do we have a cute nickname for the celebrity couple? No, we don’t. Are they a couple that we follow to know more about their lives than those of our own neighbors? No, we don’t. As individuals, they do get their fair share of publicity, product endorsements, and individual media campaigns. As a couple, though, they step out of the limelight altogether.

They are one of the most private celebrity couples in the world. They keep out of the public spotlight, and despite being together since 2001, there are very few sightings of the beautiful couple. They seldom pose for photographs together and ramped up their privacy when it came to Anna’s pregnancy.

In fact, the tennis champion’s pregnancy was kept completely under the radar. However, like new parents across the globe, they could not resist sharing a few pictures of their beautiful new babies. Will they be future tennis sensations or a pop star duo? With strikingly good-looking and talented parents, the world will be watching these two cuties — if they have a chance to.

No doubt, Enrique and Anna will shield them from the public eye as much as they can. Both parents shared their pictures on social media with the caption, “My Sunshine.” We couldn’t agree more. The unconfirmed names are Lucy and Nicolas, and we will have to keep guessing about their last name.


Anna has been wearing a beautiful diamond engagement ring since 2015. Are they married? In an interview with E! in 2016, Enrique provided a cryptic answer when asked about the future: They would have to look to the future…or the past. Perhaps they have already tied the knot but kept their marriage a secret and private affair.

Snuggled up to their newborns, Anna and Enrique are proud and delighted parents.

We’re hoping they share some more cute pics with the world soon, but like many new parents, they may be a little sleep-deprived and it will take time for them to adjust to the demands of parenthood. Double duty. Double feeds. Double the love.

For Anna and Enrique, it’s definitely double the love. The twins will have their own pop star dad to sing them to sleep. Sweet dreams, Nicolas and Lucy. And with their tennis superstar mom to teach them how to play, we’re pretty sure their futures are as bright as Sunshine too. Anna and Enrique could not look prouder.