Everything You Need To Know About Keeping A Ferret As A Pet

While many people have a cat or dog in their life, what about welcoming a ferret? They might not be at the top of everyone’s list. But here’s everything you need to know about keeping a ferret as a pet that might just change your mind.

They are pretty active

Although many ferrets like to take long naps, they also enjoy getting plenty of exercise when they are out and about. Sometimes, it looks as though they are getting hurt thanks to the rough and tumble they enjoy, but they are often just having fun.

They love friends

Ferrets are very social creatures that love to spend time with other ferrets. Some people prefer to regularly meet up with other ferret owners to give their ferrets a chance to play while others welcome many ferrets at once. Just be sure to watch your new pets to make sure they get along before you leave them alone.

Ferrets enjoy exploring

Of course, being a larger pet compared to mice and hamsters means that some owners prefer to let their ferrets have access to the entire room during playtime. While it can be great enrichment, they also love to hoard things away. It might not be long before they stockpile items in the corner of the room of cupboard.

They eat a lot of meat

Believe it or not, but ferrets are carnivores. This means they eat meat and need to have balanced meals to make sure they are getting everything they need. However, it’s advised that ferret owners steer clear of fruits and vegetables, sugar, and dairy products as they can be harmful.

Ferrets are intelligent

They might be small, but ferrets are similar to cats and dogs thanks to their curious and kind nature. However, they are also pretty intelligent pets. They can quickly learn how to break out of cages by opening the locks or squeezing through the bars.

They can be trained

Being so smart means that ferrets can be trained. One of the training tools you can implement with your ferret is teaching them how to use a litter box while out of their cage. This can make it a lot easier to clean up after your pet when they are exploring. Plus, many can be taught how to walk on harnesses for some added elements of exercise throughout their day.

Every ferret is different

Just like most other animals, each ferret has its own personality. Some prefer to keep themselves to themselves while others like to be petted and spend time with their owners. Sometimes, it can be best to meet a few ferrets before you dedicate to one as a pet.

There are so many pets in the world, and ferrets are some that have enriched many people’s lives over the years. They are very different from many other animals, but keeping a ferret as a pet could be the bundle of energy that many of us need in our lives.