Everything You Need to Know About Getting A Pet So You’re Fully Prepared

Getting a new pet is tricky. Whether you opt for a goldfish or snake, there’s a lot of preparation to be done before you can welcome your new friend into your home. Making sure you’ve got all of the right equipment, keeping them happy and healthy, and knowing the typical signs of illness is just the beginning. Here’s everything you need to know before buying or rescuing a pet.

Pick the right pet

When you’re looking into getting a pet, firstly, you need to make sure it’s the right animal for you. Getting a dog if you work super long hours, or a lizard if you’re scared of insects, just isn’t going to work. Once you’ve picked the right animal, look for the perfect breed, age, and consider all other factors. Female hamsters, for example, tend to be much quicker and feistier, so if it’s your kid’s first pet, opt for a male for an easier life.

Their new home

When you’re set on your new friend, make sure you have all the equipment you could possibly need. It’s likely to be expensive, but most things are a one-off payment, so it’s not too bad. Ensure they have the right enclosure, and that they have suitable bowls, bottles, and bedding. Make sure you’re not giving a lizard a deep bowl of water that it may drown in, for example. You need to be aware of all of your animal’s requirements – does it have sand in its enclosure? Does it only eat once a week? Does it like handling and social interaction? If you know everything your pet needs, it’s harder to make a mistake.

Keeping them happy

You also need to ensure your new friend is mentally satisfied. Many animals thrive on interaction. Handle them, give them toys, and let them out to play to ensure they’re happy and healthy. However, make sure you know your animal first. Don’t jump straight in trying to pick up a rabbit, because you will likely get kicked. If your animal doesn’t like being touched, don’t! Their happiness is as important as their physical health.

Healthy tummies

Make sure your pet gets the right food and the correct amount. Some animals need to chase live food, while others want to find their food buried in their enclosures. Many animals appreciate treats, too, but always make sure the treats are safe for your pet; especially if you’re feeding fruits or vegetables. Don’t treat too often, either. An overweight pet is an unhealthy pet!

Check them regularly

You also need to ensure you know all the common warning signs that your pet is ill, and check them over however you can, every day, so that you know they’re still healthy. Form a bond with your vet so you can ask them for advice, just in case.

Before getting a pet it’s vital to do some research as to what they’ll need and how to keep them happy. As long as you do the groundwork, you should have no problems whatsoever, and can enjoy the time with your new friend.