Everything You Need To Know Before Choosing A Veterinary Hospital For Your Exotic Pet

Having an exotic pet can be a brilliant way to welcome a new friend into your life with a difference. But what about when you need someone to care for your exotic friend? Here’s everything you need to know before choosing a veterinary hospital for your exotic pet.

Do they have everything they need?

Treating exotic pets is a little different to treating other animals as they often need specialist equipment, such as scales that measure in grams or tanks that can house reptiles. It’s best to ask the veterinary hospital if they have everything they will need to care for your exotic pet to make sure they will be in the best hands possible. Not having the equipment they need could mean that the vets in the clinic don’t get many exotic animals come through their doors – and therefore might not have the knowledge they need to treat them.

How many exotic pets have they treated?

This can be an essential question to ask before you take your exotic pet to the veterinary hospital. Making sure they have treated your type of pet before means it’s more likely they will know what they’re doing. Practice might not always mean that things are perfect, but it’s one way to help make sure that your pet is getting the right care. Many vets won’t be trained in how to treat exotic animals, so it’s important that your vet has the skills they need to make accurate assessments and diagnose appropriate treatments.

Are they comfortable handling exotic pets?

It might sound obvious, but not everyone is comfortable handling all types of exotic pets. It can take many years of practice before we learn how to safely handle these animals, especially if they become stressed in their new environment and need to be comforted or restrained. Without the knowledge or confidence to handle exotic pets, the vets might not be able to administer the correct treatment or could end up doing more damage in the long run. The more exotic animals they have in the hospital, the more likely it is they will be comfortable.

Does the hospital cater for emergencies?

Many owners hope they will never need to find a veterinary hospital in an emergency, and it can be one more stress to think of in their time of need. Many clinics have emergency hotlines and staff ready for any situation, but will these vets know how to handle your exotic pet in an emergency? Checking they have a member of staff on hand at all times can help to take away any last-minute stress when your pet is in need. This can be one of the most important questions to ask when finding a suitable clinic.

Caring for your exotic pet is just like any other pet in the family, but they will usually need specialist care. It is important to learn everything you need to know before choosing a veterinary clinic for your exotic pet to ensure you’re providing your pet with the best care possible.