Everything To Know About Keeping A Bush Baby As A Pet

If you want to welcome an adorable monkey to your family, then it might be time to look no further than a bush baby. These nocturnal creatures live across Africa, but what about having one in your front room? Here’s everything to know about keeping a bush baby as a pet.

Housing your pet

Bushbabies often spend their time swinging through the trees and can leap more than ten feet at a time. This means that the bigger the cage you can house, the better. Many people opt for large parrot cages, but you need to be careful to make sure the bars aren’t too wide, or they might be able to climb through. Plus, they need to be locked as bushbabies can quickly learn how to open the latches.

Dietary requirements

It seems as though bushbabies can survive on a whole host of different foods as these foraging monkeys will eat a varied diet in the wild. Some of the many items they may enjoy are lots of fruits and vegetables, monkey biscuits, locusts, mealworms, crickets, and baby food. They also need to have fresh water available at all times, and it might require changing several times throughout the day depending on how clean your pet is with their dish.

The smell

Many monkeys mark their territory. Bushbabies are no exception. The males will usually use their hands to spread their scent around any are they can. This means their cage needs regular cleaning to ensure there are no unwanted extras or smells from your new pet. To top it off, owners need to be extremely careful that they don’t end up infecting themselves or the rest of their house thanks to poor hygiene when handling their new pet.

Plenty of enrichment

Monkeys usually get bored pretty quickly. This can lead to them getting stressed, and some even start to harm themselves as a way to pass the time. Bushbabies love to spend time with others while most thrive with plenty of time out of their cage and with their owners. They love to play games to pass the time, both with each other and with their owner. Plus, bushbabies will appreciate having their food hidden around their cage to help replicate their natural environment.

Other aspects

Did you ever wonder how bushbabies got their name? That’s all thanks to their recognizable call. Many believe they sound like crying babies. Plus, they are nocturnal creatures, which means they are most active at night. It might be time to get used to all those noises coming from the new addition. Bushbabies are currently on the endangered species list. This means that it’s vital only to buy bottle-fed pets who haven’t been taken from the wild to help keep them safe.

There are so many exotic pets on the market, with bushbabies being one of the most popular in recent times. However, as with any pet, it’s vital that you learn everything to know about keeping a bush baby as a pet before you welcome one into your family.