Would You Ever Keep A Crocodile As A Pet?!

Some of us love exotic pets, but what about one that’s remained barely unchanged since the Cretaceous period? That’s something not many of us have thought about. We’re just here asking ourselves one very important question: would you ever keep a crocodile as a pet?!

Different types

Believe it or not, but two different types of crocodiles can be kept as pets: freshwater and saltwater. The salties are the big, bad guys that many of us have nightmares about thanks to their impressive size. Although some people want the biggest, most remarkable croc they can find as their next pet, many people have opted for a dwarf caiman as they are a lot smaller, reaching around four to four-and-a-half feet.

Earning your permit

Yes, you need to get a permit to land yourself a croc. No, you won’t always be granted one, some states allow people to keep crocodiles as pets as long as they are less than two-foot-long. However, other states require a permit for any type of exotic animal. Plus, it is usually the law that you have to carry a trauma kit in case your new pet decides that your family is their next meal, and there are often a ton of requirements to meet.

Plenty of space

Even the smaller crocs still need a lot of space to keep them healthy. That’s not all. Crocodiles need a mixture of water and land as they spend a lot of their time swimming when they’re not basking under the sun. To top it off, any new owners will need to invest in a powerful – and often expensive – filtration system as crocodiles are pretty messy creatures and their water needs to be kept clean at all times.

Costly bills

Sure, buying your first crocodile usually isn’t too expensive as they will likely set you back a few hundred dollars. However, all of those other costs can soon add up to something much more. Firstly, you need to find a vet that knows how to treat your pet as well as having the money to pay for any costly treatment they may need. As if that wasn’t enough, crocs have a varied and expensive diet that needs to be met.

Powerful bite

Ever seen a crocodile snap something for its next meal? Yeah, those jaws really are that strong. So strong, in fact, that they have the most powerful bite in the animal kingdom. Crocodiles are easily stressed. This means that even the most experienced handlers could quickly become the next target if they pick up their new pet one too many times. They are also highly intelligent creatures who quickly learn how to get food. You have been warned.

Can you own a crocodile as a pet? Yes. Is it a good idea? That’s up to debate. Although these great big living dinosaurs are incredible creatures, it might be time to head to the zoo to see their elegance and grace for yourself rather than risking life and limb with one living in the yard.