Enrichment Ideas for Your Tortoise

Tortoises make great pets for all kinds of reasons, but do they need toys? While they are a little different to keep than your average household pets, there are several enrichment ideas for your tortoise to help them stay happy and healthy.


Tortoises often love to push and move pebbles around their enclosure. All you need are a few pebbles of varying shapes, sizes, and textures to start things off. Some tortoises love to push them around while others like to make stacks around their home. Aquarium pebbles can often be great for getting a variety for your shelled friends.

Treat balls

Some tortoises love food a little too much. Thankfully, food enrichment can keep them fed and entertained at the same time. Be sure to choose a rubber-like ball that’s safe for your shelled friends. You can either fill the ball with food or make holes and poke the food through. Just be sure it’s not too tricky for your tortoises to eat, or they may become stressed.

Digging spots

Some tortoises love to dig more than others. One enrichment idea for your shelled pet could be to add a specific digging area into their enclosure. Tortoise-safe dirt is the best bit to make sure they can dig and breath once they’re comfortable. Adding damp moss is another idea if you want to add something different for your pet. As if that wasn’t enough, you can even make a digging box that sees your tortoise dig along into the substrate rather than down.

Climbing toys

Believe it or not, but tortoises love to climb! There can be so many ways to make this enrichment idea for your tortoise, such as wooden bridges, layered rocks, piles of stones, or large branches. You can even make hills and climbing areas out of a combination of dirt and other items to make things appear more natural. You could also find materials that your tortoise would find in the wild.

Bath toys

Most tortoises love baths. Although they can’t swim, many like to splash around and get their shells wet. Adding in floating toys such as rubber ducks or plastic balls can be an excellent idea to give your tortoise something to do while they’re having a bath. This is especially great for tortoises that would love to spend all day in the tub.

Scavenger hunts

There are plenty of ways you can add scavenger hunts into your tortoise’s day. One idea is to bury rocks, pebbles, and shells around their enclosure that they can look for throughout the day. Another good tip to keep them moving is to make a food scavenger hunt. This involved splitting their food into several dishes around the home. If they are larger, you could try hanging some fresh food against one of the walls to get them stretching.

There are plenty of enrichment ideas for your tortoise to keep them entertained all day long. Welcoming a tortoise into your life might show how full of personality they really are.