How To Encourage Lazy Dogs To Be More Active

Dogs are just the cutest, right? There’s nothing better than snuggling down with them after a long day, and knowing that they want to spend their time with you and their favorite blanket over them. Of course, anyone who has a dog knows that it’s incredibly important to keep your dog active, which means that they sometimes need to get out from under that blanket and stretch their legs. This can be a difficult task when you have a lazy dog, as some dogs are just more inclined to be active than others. So, how do you encourage lazy dogs to be more active?

Start small

If you’re trying to build up your running stamina, you wouldn’t sign yourself up for a marathon without training first. The same thing applies when it comes to a lazy dog, as we can guarantee that a lazy dog won’t take too kindly to a 30-minute walk straight off the bat. You need to work your way up to this length of walk, so starting small and going on a 5-10 minute walk outside will be better for you and your dog. This doesn’t really give them enough time to hate the process, which means they won’t dread the word “walkies” the next time you mention it. Then, as the weeks go by, gradually increase the length and the time of your walks.

Let them work for it

Because most dog owners want to make sure that their perfect pooches are happy at all times, it can be pretty easy to keep food bowls filled at all times. By doing this, your dog learns that they don’t have to do anything to be rewarded with their food, and they continue to be lazy. However, by mixing things up and letting them work for their food, they will be more inclined to become more active. This doesn’t have to be a 10-minute run around the backyard but could be something as simple as playing with an interactive dog toy. Any movement and stimulation is beneficial for dogs, so this can then be rewarded with food.

Become more active yourself

By now, you’ve probably noticed that your dog is pretty enamored with you. They will follow your every move, and they will most likely mimic some of your behaviors. If you’re lazing on the couch all day, then why would they go out in the back yard and chase the birds? They will stay with you, which means that you have a say in your dog’s laziness. By becoming more active yourself, this should encourage your lazy dog more active. Of course, make sure that you reward your dog when this happens, so they know that it’s something they should continue doing.

Do you have a lazy dog? There are many dogs in this world which are little lazier than most owners would like, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t ever be active again. These tips will certainly help you out.