Family Adopts Puppy, 2 Years Later Turns Out To Be Something Else Entirely

There is a good reason that dogs have been named as our best friends. They’re loyal, they love us as much as we love them, and they make great snuggle partners. The best bit? There are so many dogs out there in the world that there’s a breed for everyone. Small or large, short or long hair, loud or quiet – there are so many combinations of dogs that it can be tough to settle on just one.

One Chinese family thought they had found the perfect dog to welcome into their home. That was until something seemed a little off about their pet. It can take a little time to get used to having a new addition in the family. So what about when your dog starts to act a little out of character?

A new addition

Su Yun was like many other mothers around the world. She had managed to find the perfect way to balance raising her two children, spending time with her husband, and looking after the home. The family all lived in Kunming City in China, where they were used to a busy schedule. Although Su Yun already had her hands full, she wanted to welcome a new addition into the home.

This time, it was a pet. It would be a perfect addition to their family. Little did Su Yun know that her four-legged friend would land her in headlines all around the world. It was only supposed to be a new addition to the family, yet their pet was causing quite the commotion.

Planning their break

Of course, things weren’t always smooth for the family. Life was often pretty hectic, and Su Yun soon decided the family could all do with a break to relax. That was it; she booked tickets to Asia. Thankfully, it wasn’t long before the family was counting down to their vacation. The day was finally here, and Su Yun busied herself preparing everything they needed for the trip.

The tickets were ready, and the bags were packed. All the family had to do was focus on relaxing. Heading on vacation often throws in a few unexpected surprises. Little did Su Yun know that her spur-of-the-moment trip was about to change the family’s entire lives. That’s not quite the break that most of us have in mind.

A random encounter

The family was soon enjoying the freedom of their vacation as they explored the local area. That was until they stumbled upon a strange sight. Su Yun and her children spotted a litter of puppies that were all up for adoption. Many of us fall in love with animals while we’re on vacation only to accept we have to leave empty-handed.

Su Yun’s children had begged their parents for a puppy for years. While the parents had always stuck by their decision, Su Yun soon found herself falling for one of the dogs. They were still available. That was it. Su Yun decided that it was time to give in to her kids’ request and get a family pet.

The perfect pup

Thankfully, there was a helpful man on hand to tell the family all about the new addition. Apparently, the litter of puppies were all Tibetan mastiffs. The giant dogs can grow up to almost three-feet-tall and weigh nearly 200 pounds. They are a massive addition to any home, and people need to be prepared for the giant animal they’ll have when the dogs are fully grown.

Su Yun handed over the money and named the new addition ‘Little Black.’ Of course, it was partly ironic thanks to the giant size their puppy would reach, and was also thanks to the puppy’s black fur. The family all agreed that it was the perfect name, and they couldn’t wait to get the dog back home.

Settling in

Although the family couldn’t wait to settle their new dog at home, they still had the rest of their vacation to enjoy. They took their new puppy on their adventures before they headed back to Kunming City. However, they had some decisions to make. The climate across the city was warm enough for some pets to live outside, and many families chose this for their pets.

Su Yun and her family wanted their pet to be inside with the rest of them. Little Black seemed to take it all in his stride. The puppy settled into the home and became a huge part of the family. As time continued to pass, the family noticed some strange things about their new puppy.

Feeding the beast

The person selling the puppies had a warning. While Little Black might be all small and cute to start with, he wouldn’t stay that way. It wouldn’t be long before he was a fully-grown beast of a dog – and he wasn’t wrong. In fact, Su Yun soon noticed that her new dog seemed to be eating all hours of the day. It was as though Little Black could never get enough food.

However, there was another issue. Su Yun was new to owning a dog, so she thought nothing of feeding Little Bear two buckets of noodles and a mixed box of fruit every day. As if that wasn’t strange enough already, Little Black seemed to thrive on his peculiar diet.

Growing larger

Little Black continued to grow, and as he got bigger, he continued to eat more and more. At first, the family thought it was a great sign that he was eating so much and had such a big appetite. That was until Little Black got bigger and bigger. He just didn’t stop growing. Su Yun and her family were worried about how large their dog might get.

By the time Little Black was two years old, he was more than three feet tall and weighed more than 250 pounds. Sure, they had heard of large dogs, but Little Black was taking things to the extreme. Pretty soon, they had more than Little Black’s giant size to worry about. Their puppy was acting strangely.

The strangest of them all

Many dogs get so large that they start to run the house. It can sometimes be tough to imagine something so large. That is until you have one of these enormous beasts for yourself. Tibetan mastiffs are known for being some of the largest dogs in the world. However, Little Black was far more than just large.

Some dogs take it upon themselves to get their own food – even if that means jumping up at the kitchen counter and getting things they shouldn’t be eating. Su Yun walked into the kitchen and saw Little Black reaching for food. She thought he was just being naughty until the dog turned and started walking around on his two back legs like a human. Something wasn’t right.

Spotting the clues

The walking incident was enough to start ringing some alarm bells. All of a sudden, it seemed as though Su Yun caught her dog walking on his hind legs every time she walked into the room. This was just the beginning. Su Yun was now scared of her dog and what it might be doing. She started to look closer at Little Black to see if anything else was off.

Su Yun looked at Little Black’s teeth. They were huge and sharp, but Tibetan mastiffs were large, so their teeth must be huge too, right? Then there was the snout. It was more pronounced than other dogs,’ but nothing was enough. Su Yun didn’t want to admit that something strange was happening to her dog.

Getting too large

Although Su Yun was worried about how large their dog was getting, her children seemed to love the attention they were getting. After all, it’s not every day that your neighbor has one of the most enormous dogs that you’ve ever seen. Word soon appeared to spread about the giant dog as everyone wanted a glimpse of Little Black.

Going out for a walk soon became a huge show within the neighborhood. Pretty soon, there was no room for Little Black in the house. The family decided that the only thing to do was to try to build a makeshift dog house in their backyard. It wasn’t the answer to their problems, but hopefully, it would give him somewhere safe to stay.

More unusual signs

Su Yun was new to everything that came with keeping a dog, but she did know about the typical behaviors they often showed. All of a sudden, she realized that Little Black had never shown any of them. That wasn’t all. Little Black’s temper had grown with his size as he’d started to lash out at the family.

Thankfully, no one was hurt, but Su Yun and the others were worried about what their dog might do next. It was only then that Su Yun realized she’d never heard Little Black ark. She’d heard him growl, but it was more like a roar compared to the growl dogs were supposed to make. The noise teamed with his huge teeth was enough to worry the family.

To the internet

Little Black was now just over two years old. In that short time, he had dominated the house. Su Yun was terrified of the dog and didn’t want to be anywhere near him. Thankfully, he was already settled in his outdoor home as Little Black was now far too large to fit in the house. Su Yun no longer wanted to take him for walks but knew she had to try and keep him exercised.

If not, she had no idea how the dog might react. Su Yun was worried about what might happen to her family if their dog got any larger or more out of control. Something had to change. Su Yun decided to browse the internet for answers. Surely someone had been in this situation before?

Learning the truth

It wasn’t until she saw the answers in front of her that Su Yun knew all of her fears had been correct. His teeth were huge. He often stood on his back legs and walked around like a human. He was more enormous than any dog the family had ever seen. It turned out that Su Yun’s Tibetan mastiff wasn’t the dog that she believed. The reality?

The dog was actually a huge black bear. Although she didn’t want to believe the words in front of her, Su Yun knew there was no denying the truth. She had no idea what she was supposed to do next. All Su Yun knew was that she needed to act fast if she wanted to save her family.

The final discovery

Su Yun continued to search through the internet to make sure that she had all the information. That’s where things took a turn. It appeared as though Little Black wasn’t just any bear – he was a Himalayan, Tibetan, or Hasiatic black bear. They are on the vulnerable list and known for being extremely aggressive towards humans.

As if that wasn’t enough, Tibetan bears can grow up to six feet tall and weigh up to 440 pounds. Su Yun knew that she needed to get the bear out of her house and somewhere that everyone would be safe. However, the deeper Su Yun looked, the more she realized that Chinese law meant that she could land a spot in jail if she were caught with a bear.

Searching high and low

Su Yun and the family had all fallen for Little Black – even if he was now starting to try and attack the family. However, there was no way they could keep him in their backyard. Su Yun was left trying to find a way to help the animal without landing herself in trouble. The family had to keep the news to themselves.

Su Yun had no idea how to find somewhere for the bear, so she decided to start by calling the local zoo. Although they agreed to help, the zoo wanted a birth certificate before they would consider rehoming the bear. Of course, Su Yun didn’t have Little Bear’s birth certificate. It wasn’t long before Su Yun found herself with nowhere to turn.

At the scene

There was one group that would be able to help Su Yun. Sadly, they were also the people that could take her to prison. Su Yun knew that she had to call the police. It wasn’t long before a team of officers and wildlife experts working with the Forest Public Security Bureau arrived at the scene. Su Yun spoke to the officers and tried to be as cooperative as possible.

She wanted nothing but the best for Little Black. She later told reporters that the more Little Black grew, the more he looked like a bear. Amazingly, Su Yun confessed that she was a little scared of bears. Yes, really. Su Yun explained the entire story to the police, but they didn’t realize the extent of the issue.

Confirming her fears

The officials and officers walked into the backyard and were immediately met with a strange sight. There in the yard was an animal sat in a cage. As soon as the experts saw Little Black, they knew that he wasn’t a dog. However, they needed to get a little closer to confirm that he was actually a bear. It wasn’t long before they confirmed what Su Yun had feared: Little Black was a bear.

The officers started to interview Su Yun about how she got Little Black in the first place as well as how he’d been raised and where he came from. She explained the strange story about how she thought that she was bringing a Tibetan mastiff home to the family.

Checking for signs

The police continued to gather all their evidence while the wildlife experts started to think of a plan to get Little Black out of the cage and to the local wildlife rescue center. They also needed to make sure the bear was healthy and wasn’t underfed or injured. They looked over him and decided Little black seemed to be well-fed and happy.

Su Yun was relieved to hear that she had at least looked after the giant beast – even if it was an accident. Unfortunately, there was still the issue of the fact that Su Yun had the bear in the first place. She was worried that she could be in a lot of trouble with the law. Little Black was tranquilized and removed.

Gaining plenty of attention

Although it looked as though all of the questions had been answered, experts at the wildlife clinic still needed to check Little Black over. They all confirmed that he was actually a Tibetan bear and set about finding a more permanent – and appropriate – home for the bear. It wasn’t long before the world learned all about Little Bear and Su Yun.

National Geographic wrote a story about the incident and told the tale to a whole new audience. The strange part? People started to write stories about how they adopted animals only to realize they were something else entirely. All the attention worried Yu Sun even more. She was concerned that the police would want to press charges and send her down.

Dealing with the aftermath

Tibetan bears are protected in China thanks to the years of poaching the species has had to endure. However, Su Yun was nothing ut cooperative with the police. It seemed as though her kindness and willingness to help paid off as the police wanted to help. She wasn’t going to jail. In fact, Su Yun’s entire sentence was reduced thanks to working with the officers.

Thankfully, Little Black has been busy spending his days in a local reserve. The family says there are some days that they miss their strange dog, but they’re just grateful that no one was hurt or got into serious trouble. Hopefully, that will be the last bear they ever have to keep in their yard.