Devil Wears Prada Star Emily Blunt and John Krasinski share Working, Life and Marriage Secrets

One of our favorite Hollywood couples has recently worked together on a new thriller called A Quiet Place. We can’t wait to see this film directed by and starring John Krasinski and his wife Emily Blunt.

In an interview with E! News, Emily did admit to being a little nervous about working with her husband. It’s not exactly a Mr. and Mrs. Smith scenario, though, and they are both huge fans of each other’s work.


As a working A-list couple with two young children (four-year-old Hazel and soon-to-be two-year-old Violet), being a parent has its own challenges when there are filming schedules to maintain. John and Emily have been married for eight years, and Emily admits that “Work Emily” and “Home Emily” are two different roles entirely!

How would working together affect their relationship and family life?

Happily, Emily reported that working together was a delight. The couple fed off each other and their personal relationship made working together a dream. They were able to collaborate well together on set and off. Every couple has its own private “love language,” and Emily and John are no different. Communication was a breeze and Emily was surprised by how wonderfully they work together. Hopefully, we have more joint projects to look forward to.

Emily noted that coming home to their children was the best way to relax at the end of the work day. Like any young children, they have no real idea of what their parents do for a living — much less that Mom and Dad are Hollywood A-listers. To Hazel and Violet, they are simply Mom and Dad who are there to tell them bedtime stories, tuck them in and sing to them.


John was recently interviewed on Ellen and delighted audiences with his story about his children loving his beard. He had to grow it out for the film but was clean-shaven after. To his surprise, the girls missed his beard and asked him to “put it back.” He explained to the audience — and his girls — that he was not a “Lego man” and couldn’t snap one back on. However, he did grow a beard back and we’re sure his girls love his snuggles and singing.

Working couples the world over face challenges when they work together. A working relationship is quite different to a personal one, and being directed by your husband could be a challenging experience. From all reports, both Emily and John love working together and parenting their girls, and family comes first.

As a mother, Emily also explained that she is not one for nude scenes anymore, and to paraphrase Taylor Swift’s famous lyrics, she’s no longer 22.

Emily noted that trust, honesty and their own secret language were essential in working together successfully.

Could you work with your spouse? You may love them dearly, but it is not always a good idea to mix your private and work lives together. If you do, we hope you have as great an experience as John and Emily did.