This Is Why You Definitely Need A Goat As A Pet

If you want a cool and quirky pet, but aren’t a huge fan of reptiles or creepy crawlies, then you may want to look at getting yourself a goat. These has been a huge increase in people keeping goats as pets – and for good reason, too. Whether you just want a friendly addition to the family or are planning on setting up your own backyard farm, this is why you definitely need a goat as a pet.

Their personalities

Let’s kick off with one of the best reasons to get a goat… They have incredible personalities! They’re a bit like dogs in the sense that they’re playful, loyal, and a whole load of fun. If you’ve not spent hours watching goat videos on YouTube like us, then you need to check some out now – you’ll see exactly what we mean! They are very intelligent and curious, and they definitely love being stroked. These loving pets will make the perfect addition to your home and your family, simply because they are such friendly animals.

Watch goats

You’ve heard about watch dogs, but what about watch goats? Yep, these pets can be pretty good security guards for your home and yard. They’re happy to bleat at anyone (or anything) that goes past, alerting you when someone is near your property. Sure, that bleating might drive you a little bit wild when the mailman comes to deliver your post, but you’ll soon get used to it. Plus, bleating is far less grating than an adorable little bleat.

Milk and cheese

It’s far more cost effective and healthy to produce your own milk and cheese, and luckily goats will help you do just that. Goat milk is often believed to be better for those with an intolerance to lactose and their cheese is delicious, too. You can become self-sufficient when it comes to dairy in your house, if you have a goat. Alternatively, you could turn it into a little side hustle and sell the milk and cheese to your neighbors.

They’re good for your yard

Goats love to graze on plants and grass, so they’ll happily chomp away on any weeds you have in your garden. However, they’ll also eat anything you don’t want them to eat, so it’s important to be careful where you let them roam. If you have any flower or vegetable patches, you’ll definitely want to fence them off so that your new pet can’t destroy them. They also eat in patches, so you may need to replant some grass seeds every now and then. Along with all of this, they make perfect fertilizer from their back ends… So you can put it back into the yard!

Goats are the kind of pets that just keep on giving, so it’s important to give them something back too. They’re very sociable animals and so you may want to consider investing in more than one. Not only does it mean you get double the fun, but you’ll also get double the milk and cheese! We’re off to fence our yards for a whole herd of goats…