Cute Pet Instagram Accounts You NEED To Be Following

Okay, we admit we’re bored with all of those health and motivation ‘gram accounts now. We need something to cuten up our social media, and the only way to do that is with these adorable pet Instagram accounts you need to be following. We knew pets were cute, but who knew there were so many out there? We need all of them in our lives.


Nala, the cat, isn’t only cute, she comes with an adorable story, too. This little feline was adopted from a shelter where she had been living as a kitten. Now, Nala has some of the longest whiskers we’ve ever seen – something she loves to show off on her Instagram account. As if that wasn’t enough, Nala also has a selection of bandanas she likes to wear on her many trips to the store with her human.


You’ve probably heard of the King of Pop, but what about the King of Pop Culture? That’s right; Doug the pug is here to take the title. This pug has enough outfits that even Elton John would be jealous, as he is seen in everything from movie costumes to straight off the catwalk clothes. The best bit? Doug has recently released a book that shot to the top of the New York Times Best Seller list.


We welcome all pets to our Instagram – even if they do come with built-in burglar masks. Pumpkin isn’t your typical raccoon you see out on the streets. This little one was rescued when she was still young and has grown up to fall in love with her human family. Pumpkin is also joined by two dog friends who all love to cuddle up together and cause mayhem around the house.


It seemed as though micro pigs were once just about everywhere we looked. Things haven’t changed, and now they can fill your Instagram accounts, too. Believe it or not, but Hamlet is three years old and loves watching all kinds of reality TV shows from The Bachelor to The Real Housewives. Thankfully, Hamlet lives out her days in LA where she can soak up the superstar lifestyle.


Oh, yes; things really can get better thanks to the addition of this little bundle of fun. As if seeing a wallaby dressed up as your favorite superhero or in pajamas wasn’t enough, Jack’s owner has also shared how his hopping friend has some particular habits. Apparently, Jack is often seen holding his little arms up to the sky as he wants to be picked up and put in his special sleeping pouch. We can’t. It’s too much.

We’re not gonna lie; we’re pretty jealous of these pets. While they’re out there living their best lives, we can sit here and enjoy watching every step of their lives thanks to their cute pet Instagram accounts. Now, we just need to invent a feature that lets us reach through the phone and tell these little creatures how special and fluffy they really are.