Creepy Pets That Are Adorable Really

When you think of pets, the chances are you think of cats and dogs. You probably don’t imagine creepy crawlies and thinks that keep you up at night, right? These animals aren’t always as bad as you think – trust us! These are just some creepy pets that are adorable, really.


When you think of rats, we bet you think of illnesses and mess. Are we right? Believe it or not, but rats are actually very clean pets. They love to come out of their cage and socialize with their owners, and many build a strong bond with regular handling.

Hissing cockroach

Cockroaches have long had a bad rep, but what about keeping a hissing cockroach as a pet? These creepy pets are adorable, really, as they love to burrow down into their substrate and hide around their enclosure. The best bit? They don’t need a lot of work to keep healthy and are slow enough to be handled.

Giant African land snail

Yes, snails might sound like creepy pets, but they are incredible animals to welcome into any home. They can grow up to one-foot-long when they are fully grown and are relatively easy to keep happy. Plus, who else can say they have a giant snail as a pet?


These aren’t just “creepy spiders.” Tarantulas actually make great pets! They are easy to keep and require little work – and they repay their owners with fascinating sights. Tarantulas aren’t as venomous as people think, either. Their venom is only as strong as a bee sting, and most people have no reaction.

Emperor scorpion

Emperor scorpions make some of the best creepy pets thanks to their large size. The breed tends to grow to around six inches long, and they come with a giant stinger and claws. While it’s not advised to handle your scorpion, they can be incredibly captivating to watch.

Stick bug

You’ll have to look high and low if you want to spot these creepy pets. Stick bugs are the masters of disguise and can grow to many inches long. These bugs just need some sticks and branches to make them feel at home, and you could soon find yourself with a new pet for life.


Many people run for the hills at the sight of a snake, but these reptiles can make creepy yet adorable pets. There are so many sizes and breeds to suit most people’s needs. Snakes also tend to be reasonably low-maintenance, and many can quickly be tamed with a lot of regular handling.

Giant millipede

All those legs means there’s more to love when it comes to these creepy pets. Giant millipedes can have up to 400 legs and grow up to ten-inches long throughout their lifetime. Thankfully, if you are calm and patient, then your millipede should be happy to show them off.

These creepy pets aren’t as bad as they first seem. In fact, once you get to know them, most of them can be quite adorable, really. Maybe we shouldn’t judge a book by the cover?