Creepy Crawlies That Actually Make Great Pets

Not all of us want a fluffy and cuddly pet to come home to each night. In fact, some of us can’t imagine a life without the unsung heroes of the world. Have no fear; here are some creepy crawlies that actually make great pets.

Giant African snail

They might not be fluffy, but these giant snails can make excellent pets as they grow up to eight inches long and four inches wide. They love all things green and leafy, meaning they are pretty easy to keep fed. As if that wasn’t enough, they can also live up to ten years old if they have the right care.

Stick insect

These creepy crawlies have long been confused for twigs and sticks out in the wild, but they are actually some of the best-camouflaged insects in the world. They need a vivarium that is three times as long as themselves, and a regular temperature of the mid-70s to be happy. The best bit? They’re not aggressive and soon grow used to being handled.


Believe it or not, but there are thought to be around 7,000 types of millipede all around the world. However, you’ll need to make sure that you have plenty of burrowing material for these creepy crawlies as they love to dig deep into the ground. Thankfully, there are so many species out there in the world that there should be a millipede to suit everyone!

Hissing cockroach

Although many people keep cockroaches as pets, hissing cockroaches are thought to be the most popular species. Fun fact: cockroaches share our five senses. However, they are placed differently around their body, meaning they hear things through their feet. To top it off, welcoming a hissing cockroach means you could listen to their impressive noise every now and then.


Scorpions are often an underrated exotic pet, but it seems as though they’re becoming more and more popular. The larger a scorpion’s pincers, the less threatening their venom. However, all scorpions can sting, which means that people need to do a lot of research before they welcome one of these pets into their home. Just be prepared to see more activity from your scorpion at night.


Spiders aren’t for everyone. Thankfully, if you have no fear of creepy crawlies, then you could be looking at your next pet. They come in a whole host of colors and temperaments depending on the species. Most tarantulas prefer similar environments as they love places to climb and hide. Plus, they don’t need regular handling – perfect for people who prefer to sit back in awe at their impressive pet.

Everyone is different in this world. Isn’t that what makes us so great? Some of us love cuddly creatures, while others can’t wait to bring a creepy-crawly into their lives. Thankfully, it turns out there are so many different options that actually make great pets. It might not be long before you find yourself the talk of the town – all thanks to your unusual addition.