Is Crate Training For Your Dog Good Or Bad?

There is one training method that has been the topic of dog training for many years: crates. Is crate training for your dog good or bad? There are many opinions, but it might be time to learn them all before making your decision.

Benefits of a crate

Crate training your dog can help to make a safe and secure environment for your dogs as they know they have a space they can go and be away from the rest of the world. It might not be long before they want to take themselves in there. It also means that we can keep our dogs safe while we aren’t in the house as well as helping many dogs to learn how to be house trained faster. To top it off, helping your dog feel comfortable in a crate means it could be easier to travel them in the car.

Disadvantages of a crate

Of course, there can be some disadvantages to crate training your dog. Some dogs might rely on the crate too much to feel comfortable and therefore struggle to be in open spaces in the house. Plus, if your dog has an accident in the crate, then you might not be able to use it for a few hours as you clean it out and wait for the bedding to dry. As if that wasn’t enough, it can be tough to find the perfect size crate for your dog, especially if they continue to grow.

Timing is key

One of the biggest issues with using a crate is learning how long is enough. Some people have fallen into the trap of using the crate as a prison cell as they lock their dogs away whenever they do something wrong. Crates weren’t designed to be used for long hours on end as many experts believe that it shouldn’t be used for more than four to six hours a day. If they are caged for too long, then some dogs might become aggressive or anxious or even develop bladder infections from holding it in all day.

Making your choice

So, now comes the tough part: to crate train or not to crate train? Like many aspects of life, the choice is entirely up to you! Many people feel the benefit of having a crate they can use throughout the day while other people are completely against the idea. It’s essential to take your dog’s needs into consideration to make sure that you’re doing the best thing for them. If you’re looking for a way to compromise, then many people leave the crate open all day so their dogs can wander in and out as they please.

Deciding whether you crate training for your dog is good or bad can be tough, it can be like asking how long a piece of rope is. Does anyone truly know the answer? It’s all about taking your dog’s needs into account as you try to work out what the best option is that will make sure they are happy throughout the day.