Could Tennis Balls Be Dangerous For Dogs?

There are certain things we do without thinking, especially when it comes to looking after our dogs. However, one thing that many of us have done for years might not be a good idea after all. Could tennis balls be dangerous for dogs? That’s what some experts seem to think.

Tennis balls aren’t made to withstand pressure

There is a clue in the title when it comes to tennis balls as they were designed to be used on the tennis court rather than as a toy for our dogs. However, that hasn’t stopped millions of owners from forking out on the balls for their four-legged friends over the years. Sadly, not being designed for dogs means they aren’t meant to withstand that much pressure. As a result, it usually isn’t long before the balls pop in half or start to shatter, something that can cause quite a few problems.

The fuzz could cause blockages

It’s not just the tennis ball itself that could be dangerous for dogs as it turns out the fuzz on the outside could be equally as bad. Most dogs play with tennis balls in their mouths, meaning the constant chewing can dislodge the fuzz and cause it to break off. Even swallowing just a small amount of the tennis fuzz could be enough to cause a blockage, especially if your dog is small or they manage to consume a lot of it over a period of time.

Tennis ball fuzz could also pick up dirt

Did you know that some tennis ball fuzz might actually contain chemicals that are harmful to pets? These aren’t the only things that could present a danger to our four-legged friends, as the fuzz is enough to pick up plenty of dirt and other harmful stuff along the way. Sand and mud can be dangerous for our dogs if they accidentally ingest some. The worst part? Chewing on tennis balls has a chance of wearing down the teeth and gums. If this happens and the ball is covered in dirt, then it could lead to an infection further down the line.

They might become choking hazards

Although they are made to be hit around the tennis court, tennis balls aren’t meant to be crushed in between the jaws of an animal. In the end, it might not be long before the balls split in half or shatter into lots of different pieces, especially if they continue to chew on the ball after it’s already broken. These little pieces of ball can easily get stuck in our dogs’ throats or in their digestive systems, which could lead to some serious injuries. Thankfully, there are plenty of other options when it comes to toys for our four-legged friends.

When it comes to finding out if tennis balls could be dangerous for dogs, it turns out the answer might be yes. Thankfully, there are plenty of other options when it comes to keeping our four-legged friends entertained that are designed to make sure they’re kept safe and sound.