Could Pet Treadmills Help Your Overweight Companion?

We’re heard of human treadmills, but what about exercise equipment for our pets? It turns out that our four-legged friends could soon be by our side as we work up a sweat and burn some energy. There’s just one question: could pet treadmills help your overweight companion?

How do pet treadmills work?

A pet treadmill works just like a human treadmill, but with a few adjustments. They have been designed for four legs, not two, and they usually have a low guard to make sure your companion stays on the machine. Pet treadmills also have various weight limits, meaning you need to invest in one that’s large enough to accommodate your pet if you want to make the most of your new purchase.

Can a human treadmill be used for pets?

If you want to keep your pet safe, then it’s best to invest in a pet treadmill rather than try to use the human equivalent. Pe treadmills tend to have fewer vibrations and have a specialist motor that reduces the chance of any fur getting caught where it shouldn’t be. To top it off, our pets need different speeds to match their natural pace.

How can you get your animals used to pet treadmills?

It may take some work to get your pet used to their new treadmill. Facing it away from the wall is one place to start as your pet may think they will hit the wall if they run. Another good tip is to familiarise your pet with the treadmill when it’s off before giving it a test run. You can even show your pet how to use the treadmill – if the weight limit will take it.

How long should you use a pet treadmill?

Using pet treadmills as a part of your exercise regime isn’t an overnight process. It takes a lot of work to build up your pet’s trust and for them to get used to the motion. It’s best to start with several one-minute sessions before linking them together into longer walks. Many dogs benefit from around half an hour of exercise each day.

What are the benefits of pet treadmills?

There are several benefits when it comes to pet treadmills. Of course, the extra exercise can help your companion to shed some extra pounds, but that’s not all. They can be a vital tool for pets that need some rehabilitation after an illness or injury. To top it off, you can use pet treadmills no matter the weather. All that rain is no longer an excuse to sit on the couch as you and your pet can exercise from the comfort of your own home.

There are several benefits to using pet treadmills. As well as helping your companion to overcome any issues with their weight, the machines could give you and your pet the motivation to get up and active as well as help pets and their rehabilitation after some time away from exercise. Perhaps it’s time to think about welcoming one into our lives?