This Is What Happens When Corgi Mixes With Other Breeds

Sure, corgis are pretty great already, but what about when you mix them with another breed? All of a sudden, we have an incredible four-legged wonder on our hands that’s like no other.

Shiba Inu and corgi

Have you ever fancied yourself a corgi Inu? Now is your chance! These have become a huge designer dog breed all around the world as they are excellent watchdogs and easy to train. What more could you want? Team that with this dog’s adorable looks, and it seems as though we’re onto a winner.

Their long bodies and pointed ears make them appear like household foxes. Corgi Inus are also great family pets as they love to socialize with others while still being alert to many situations. Mixing two of the most intelligent breeds in the dog world is sure to make training a cinch.

Australian shepherd and corgi

As if corgis and Australian shepherds weren’t enough on their own, now could be your chance to combine the two and have your own pint-sized herding dog once and for all. Augies have the short legs of corgis while often sporting the dappled coats of Australian shepherds.

They are said to be best for people who have experience with dogs as shepherds are known for being independent, but they can be the perfect companion as soon as they are trained. In fact, their brains help these dogs learn how to pick up on body language and sense their owner’s emotions.

Dalmatian and corgi

Of course, pure corgis and dalmatians are pretty different looking dogs. So how do they combine to make a bundle of spots and fluff in such an incredible way? Thankfully, a dalmatian’s spots are one of its main characteristics, and now this mixed breed can show them off in a whole new way.

Yes, the different colors mean there is a whole new range of possibilities when it comes to this canine friend. The social side of the corgi usually helps to balance out the naturally shy nature of dalmatians to create a relatively laid back breed who love to get plenty of exercise and interaction.

Red heeler and corgi

Yes, you might be looking at one of the most loveable dogs you’ve ever seen. You can thank us later. Amazingly, this mixed breed is one of the quietest in the world as people rarely hear them make a noise. Red heelers were needed as farmers realized they needed a breed that could withstand the elements.

All they needed to do was breed the now extinct Smithfield with wild dingoes and voila – a whole new dog was born. A combination of both breeds means owners need to be prepared to do a lot of grooming to make sure they keep on top of their ever-shedding coats.

Boxer and corgi

Coxers are a real thing as this breed has combined two of the world’s favorite dogs into one bouncing bundle of fun. They are a pretty new breed, but that hasn’t stopped them from becoming a hugely popular choice among many. They are both considered to be friendly and loyal to their families.

This means that combining the two usually results in an energetic pooch that generally showcases the bright fawn color of the boxer. Their appearance depends on the mix of boxer to corgi, but these dogs usually look just like smaller, chunkier boxers with corgi heads and faces.

Labrador and corgi

What happens when two very different dog breeds come together? You get a corgidor, and we’re here for it. Like many other mixed breeds, corgidors usually inherit the most desirable traits from both breeds, such as the eagerness to please of a labrador and the quick-thinking of a corgi.

Both breeds are pretty active, which means that owners will need to put in a lot of time if they want to make sure their new dog gets plenty of exercise. Typically, most corgidors will have the body of a labrador teamed with the legs of a corgi. Life doesn’t get better than that, right?

Samoyed and corgi

Believe it or not, but samoyed and corgi traits often go hand in hand. Corgis were used for herding while samoyeds are used to a life filled with pulling sleds. However, they are both playful breeds who love and adore their owners more than anything else in the world.

Both breeds are said to get along with all members of the family while their stubbornness can make them hilarious additions to the home. Do we really need to say anymore? Their fluffy faces and unique breeding means this mixed breed could help to bring a new dog mix to the market as people learn about the hybrid.

Beagle and corgi

Although beagis were first bred in the 1990s, it seems as though they can still be tough breed to track down. Beagles are great family pets. However, they haven’t always been known as the easiest breed to train. The beagi was first created to try and reverse this issue, and it looks as though it’s been a success!

Beagles usually show off their independent nature and let their minds wander to something else. However, corgis love to learn, meaning this mixed breed creates the perfect combination. As if that wasn’t enough, they’re also pretty irresistible to cuddle and can make great family dogs.

Pit bull and corgi

Pit bulls have had a tough rep for many years. However, more education in addition to combining them with one of the most loved breeds on the planet has helped to give the breed a new lease of life. The corgi pit is not only a lot taller than a typical corgi but they also usually inherit the stockier frame of the pitbull.

They typically have the same appearance as many pit bulls, but with the corgi ears that many of us love. The variation in pit bull colors means that we could end up with a whole host of options, but they typically have short hair that is easy to manage.

Alaskan malamute and corgi

It seems as though corgis have mastered the art of disguise as one mixed with an Alaskan malamute almost appears to be a corgi trying to look just like a husky. They say that the perfect kind of fluff doesn’t exist, but that was until we got the chance to lay eyes on this impressive breed.

Many of the dogs inherit the curled, fluffy tail of the malamute as well as their fluffy coats and distinct markings. However, the majority of the dogs stick with the corgi’s appearance as their short legs and rounded ears help the breeds to blend together with ease.

Pomeranian and corgi

There are so many things to love about a pomeranian and corgi mix that it can be hard to know where to begin. They are small dogs who like a lot of attention. Pomeranians originated from Germany where they were specially bred from larger sled-pulling dogs until they became the smaller, fluffy dogs that many of us now know and love.

They were once on the arm of many aristocrats around the world and have an almost fox-like appearance that makes them the perfect choice to mix with the loveable corgi. They might just need reminding that they’re not large dogs anymore every now and then.

Shiba Inu and corgi

Although Shiba Inus and corgis have similar appearances, they have very different personalities. Shiba Inus are an ancient breed of dogs who love to be on their own and have no time for strangers. Many believe Shibas love affection thanks to their fluffy coats, but looks can be deceiving.

While Shibas prefer to be by themselves, corgis often can’t get enough attention. The two combining in one breed means it’s likely you’ll end up with a well-mannered pooch by your side. However, it might be best to keep them on a leash if you don’t want to see them disappear after something that could be chased.

Dalmatian and corgi

Dalmatians were once a popular breed until their numbers started to dwindle. The likes of Disney’s 101 Dalmations helped to propel the breed back to popularity until their numbers began to dip away once again. Thankfully, corgis have been popular for hundreds of years, and combining the two means that dalmatians have another new lease of life.

They might not be the most popular corgi mix in the world, but these dalmatian combinations offer us the chance to enjoy our corgi with those famous black and white spots at long last. Just remember that there could be a chance they still have corgi colors instead.

Shetland sheepdog and corgi

Although no one knows the true birth of this corgi mix, many believe that Pembroke shelties first took the world by storm in the last few decades as more and more people began choosing designer dogs over pedigree breeds. Corgis first traveled with the U.K. with Flemish weavers where the breed set up home in Wales.

Here, they were in charge of herding the animals to the market was their short legs meant they were perfect for nipping their heels. Shetland sheepdogs were one the four-legged rules of the Shetland Island where they too were in charge of keeping the livestock in line.

Toy poodle and corgi

It seems as though there is little known about the corgipoo. However, many people who have welcomed one into their home go on to continue the line for many generations. They are one of the friendliest mixed breeds as both toy poodles and corgis love to be around people.

Not only are they filled with energy, but these little rascals love to cause mischief wherever they go. Thankfully, both breeds know how to use their natural talent to their advantage as many fall for their troublesome ways. All it takes is a little training to make sure this breed doesn’t get out of control.

Siberian husky and corgi

While huskies have been used for pulling sleds for hundreds of years and corgis were once the leaders of herding livestock, it seems as though both breeds have come together to make the ultimate herding machine. Corgskies have high energy rates and are always alert.

These are just two of the many traits this breed loves to show off. Speaking of showing off, there is nothing more that a corgski loves than to be the center of attention. Yes, those family gatherings might soon have a new guest as this dog prefers to be on the receiving end of all those smooches and cuddles.

Beagle and corgi

Did you know that there is a quick way to tell the difference between a Pembroke corgi and a Cardigan corgi? Pembrokes have a stumped tail and their feet point straight ahead, while Cardigans have long tails and feet that point to the side.

These characteristics could be all you need to help identify the origins of your new beagi. The longer legs of the beagle can help this breed look more in proportion than a typical corgi, while many puppies inherit floppy ears for an added level of cuteness. Thankfully, it seems as though beagis are the best of both worlds in all departments.

Australian shepherd and corgi

This breed is still relatively new. However, there is one thing that’s for sure: there is often a lot of variation in their appearance with some litters having puppies off all colors and sizes. Plus, the two breeds both have high energy levels.

This means that owners need to be prepared for plenty of walking and enrichment to keep their minds ticking over. The breeds also have an instinct to herd anything that moves too fast or steps out of line. It might not be long before small animals and other household pets find themselves getting herded back to the rest of the family.

Pug and corgi

Let’s face it; pugs are still one of the most popular breeds of dogs on the planet. The breed has been around for thousands of years as they were once used to keep Chinese Royals company and protect their owners.

It wasn’t until the mid-19th century that pugs made their way across the rest of the world as they took Europe by storm and created the modern pug that many of us now recognize. Together, the pug and corgi create a pint-sized breed with slightly longer faces than most traditional pugs. Plus, their tails combine to create a fluffy curl.

Miniature schnauzer and corgi

What better name could there be for this mischievous canine other than a schnorgi? We’re not crying, you are. They might be stubborn, but these dogs enjoy having a good time with their owners. They can be less high maintenance than many other corgi mixes as they prefer to relax a lot more.

That’s not all. They also have limited health concerns, meaning your schnorgi could be a huge part of your life for many years to come. Many puppies inherit all kinds of appearances, but most have the body of a corgi teamed with the head of a schnauzer – with floppy ears to match.

Greyhound and corgi

Thanks to their natural genes, this is a mixed breed that is filled with energy. Corgis can herd animals for hours while greyhounds are the fastest dog in the world who have been known to reach speeds up to 43mph. This means that together, they are ready for most things – and in an incredibly adorable way.

Many greyhound corgi mixes have the bodies of greyhounds, meaning they are long and slender, while still having the shorter legs and faces of corgis. Just be sure not to leave your pooch alone for too long as they are known to worry. We feel that.

Shar-pei and corgi

Shar-peis have long been placed on pedestals thanks to their Chinese roots. However, life wasn’t always easy for the breed, and it turns out that there’s a good reason they have all those wrinkles. The dogs were once used to fight lions. It’s believed the wrinkles helped to protect their organs from the sharp claws and teeth.

The shar-peis’ history means that predicting their temperament can be tough. Thankfully, there is something that many have seen: they often become corgi-sized balls of wrinkles and fluff in the most precious way. A star from a corgi and shar-pei mix can be one that’s hard to resist.

Australian cattle dog and corgi

The corgi cattle dog might sound as though it spends all of its day working, but it seems as though names can be deceiving. That’s right; this breed prefers to goof around and have fun rather than put all of their herding skills to good use.

Australian cattle dogs were designed to withstand all kinds of weather as they helped their owners on the farm, while corgis have never made very good search and rescue dogs as their long hair will often freeze or get dirty and hold them back. Amazingly, the corgi cattle dog isn’t much larger than a traditional corgi.

German shepherd and corgi

If you like a challenge, then it might be time to invest in a corgi and German shepherd mix. Although they love to learn and can pick things up very quickly, this is also a highly stubborn breed. They are typically a little larger than the average corgi without being as tall as a German shepherd, making them a pint-sized version of the latter.

Those pointed noses and ears don’t have any competing to do. This makes the features stand out more than many others. The breed comes in a range of colors, but beware; they are pretty greedy and can often try their luck with food.

Chow chow and corgi

Chow chows are known for their slightly wrinkled face and fluffy fur. So how does that work when mixing them with the longer-faced corgi? Thankfully, their genes appear to blend with ease. As if that wasn’t enough, chow chows also have black tongues.

No one knows the truth of their tongue color, but tales include the dogs inheriting the color from a bear or getting it from licking up the blue in the sky. While the mix might not have inherited the unusual feature, these dogs typically have the full fur of a chow chow while keeping the distinctive pointed ears of a corgi.

St. Bernard and corgi

Of course, like many other mixed breeds, we need to look at the parents to learn how a St. Bernard mixed with a corgi will behave – especially when there are two very different species involved. St. Bernards were once used for farming in the French Alps as well as helping on any search and rescue missions.

Their need to help people could mean that you end up with a corgi-sized helper who always wants to be by your side. On the other hand, you might have a much larger breed who has a built-in need to herd you around the house.

German shepherd and corgi

Did you know that German shepherds are one of the most popular breeds of dogs all around the world? Yes, it seems as though many people can’t get enough of the breed. Perhaps that’s why so many people have decided to breed them with the smaller corgi to make a more compact edition of the breed?

These dogs seem to have no fear as they will fight off all kinds of intruders into the home. Plus, German shepherds mixed with corgis typically don’t care about other dogs or animals as they prefer to spend all their time focused on their family instead.

Chow chow and corgi

Believe it or not, but chow chows are one of the oldest dog breeds in the world as many people have bred them for speed and agility. This made them perfect for hunting birds and all kinds of other prey with their masters. The chow chow’s intelligence mixed with the knowledge of a corgi makes them a force to be reckoned with.

The chowgi is an adorable breed that picks up new tricks with ease. However, they have been known to become dominant. This means that a firm owner is usually needed, so these dogs don’t take over the family home.

Shetland sheepdog and corgi

The Pembroke sheltie is a highly sought after breed. After all, could anyone resist that fluffy coat or smooshy face? Just as we thought. They make a great family pet as the regalness of the corgi combines with the mellowness and tenderness of the Shelties. They love to protect their families and get along with all other animals. However, don’t be fooled.

A Pembroke sheltie isn’t afraid to step in when they feel their family is in danger. Thankfully, plenty of exercise such as long walks with the family, playing fetch, and taking your new dog to obedience training should help to keep their mind ticking over.

German shepherd and corgi

Yes, German shepherds really did just get one step better. The best bit? Some have even gifted the breed the nickname corman shepherd. They have become hugely popular as the breed takes the best traits from each breed. However, their talents don’t end there.

Corman shepherds are also filled with energy and highly intelligent, so they have no trouble learning how to herd many animals and work with their humans. The little canines love to protect their humans and any land. They might be small, but these fluffballs sure are mighty – and they’ll let everyone know with their impressive bark.

Chihuahua and corgi

Could a chigi be your next dog? Their small size is certainly enough to grab many people’s attention. With ears like that, it almost looks as though this mixed breed is supposed to be on the set on Dumbo, the best bit? They don’t usually grow out of them, meaning you’ll get to enjoy the oversized addition their entire lives.

There are many types of chigis on the market thanks to all the genes they can inherit along the way. Some show off long fur while others showcase a shorter coat instead. Plus, there are many colors depending on the parents.

Australian shepherd and corgi

What did we ever do to deserve such a loveable addition in our lives? Although Australian shepherds have earned their regional name, it turns out that the breed was first bred in America before they headed across the world. Did you know that many celebrities have owned Australian shepherds over the years?

Yes, the likes of Steve Jobs and Amanda Seyfried have all welcomed one into their home, with The Queen is probably the most famous corgi lover thanks to her generations of pups who all started from Susan – a gift for her 18th birthday. Now, they are a popular combination, too.

Golden retriever and corgi

Have you ever wanted all the fun of a golden retriever while enjoying the pint-sized aspects of a corgi? Worry no more; golden corgitrievers are just as incredible as they sound. They might be small, but these dogs often have a massive personality as many love to boss around their owners.

Golden corgitrievers are pretty rare, but it looks as though it might not be long before they are one of the most popular designer dogs on the market. As if that wasn’t enough, their thick double coat means these dogs really are as fluffy as they appear to be.

Golden retriever and corgi

There are many ways that corgi and golden retriever mixes can look, and they all depend on how they are bred and which breed is the mother and which is the father. However, there is one thing that’s for sure: they all have stumpy legs and flowing coats. Yes, heaven really did just land on Earth.

They are highly intelligent breeds who both love to get out and active with their owners. The best bit? Not only does this breed stand out against most other dogs in the world, but they’re also a loving addition to many homes as they can’t wait to show their affection.

Australian shepherd and corgi

If you thought that corgis were adorable already, then things could be about to reach a whole new level. Yes, the Australian shepherd and corgi mix is out of this world. They are described as the perfect family dog thanks to their love of being around people and other animals.

The best bit? They have all the energy of an Australian shepherd, meaning you can enjoy hours getting out and about with your new dog. Be warned; they can get bored quickly, so may need a lot of enrichment and toys to keep this ball of floof out of trouble.

Doberman pinscher and corgi

A corgi and a Doberman pinscher might not be everyone’s first thoughts when looking for a mixed breed, but hear us out. These two breeds come together to create one of the most unique and interesting corgi breeds. Dobermans were first bred by Mr. Dobermann himself as he wanted to create the perfect dog for protection as he traveled across Germany collecting taxes.

It took several breeds of dogs to create the final product, but it was everything he wanted. Corgi and Doberman mixes love to be around people, but will also take themselves somewhere quiet when there are too many people in the room.

Siberian husky and corgi

Bravery and brains. These are just two things that all corgski owners will get to enjoy thanks to this Siberian husky and corgi mix. The breed comes in all shapes and sizes, but many end up looking just like miniature wolves. It could be time to bring your Twilight fantasies to life once and for all.

If you want a watchdog, then you might need to look elsewhere as corgi and husky temperments combine to make an overly friendly breed who love to greet everyone they meet. They’re known to be full of energy, meaning that plenty of walking and exercise is on the cards.

Boxer and corgi

Boxers once lived across Germany as many different breeds came together to make the perfect hunting and fishing machine that could accompany their master on the hunt. Even though they were tasked with catching the prey and bringing it home, boxers are incredibly playful animals who love to spend time with younger members of the family.

Although boxers have unusual jaws, they have an incredible strength that can hold onto most things. Thankfully, mixing them with a corgi helps to dilute their need to hunt prey, but you might find that you’re soon herded by a larger corgi instead.

Pomeranian and corgi

Sadly, it seems as though there isn’t much out there about pomeranian and corgi mixes as they are a mixed breed and not an official purebred. However, that hasn’t stopped many people all over the world from searching for a fox of their own. Why have an exotic animal when you could have two of the most loved breeds of dog instead?

Their fluffy coats and love of attention make these a popular choice for many. Just be sure to show them plenty of love and this breed will return the favor by showering you with affection as a result.

Pomeranian and corgi

It seems as though the Pomeranian and corgi mix have more royal connections than we ever imagined. Pomeranians were once Queen Victoria’s favorite dog, while corgis are Queen Elizabeth II’s top canine. Now, the two have been perfectly combined to make one of the smallest, fluffiest breeds on the planet.

Their small size makes these dogs the perfect addition to many homes, especially as their two personalities often combine into one loveable friend. The best bit? They’re also incredibly smart dogs who love to learn all kinds of tricks. Just be sure to keep your training sessions short and sweet.