These Are The Coolest Tricks To Teach Your Parrot

Parrots are pretty great, right? As well as being packed full of personality, they can also learn a host of ticks. In addition to getting to show off all the coolest tricks to teach your parrot, you should help to build a bond with your bird, too.

Shoulder rides

To start, it’s best to get your parrots used to perching on your hand or arm. Then, gently move them to your shoulder and use a command word when you set them down. Once they’re used to the new view, it’s time to try taking some steps. Offering them a reward every few steps should soon see them happily in no time.


Believe it or not, but teaching your parrot to dance is usually one of the easiest tricks. All you need to do is put on some funky music and start bobbing, and it shouldn’t be long until your parrot copies your moves. If that doesn’t work, showing them videos of other parrots dancing can help to get them started.


To start this trick, you need to find a suitable item to fetch, such as a small button. Try offering your parrot the button in your hand and say “fetch” when they pick it up and “drop it” when they let it go. Then, move on to them picking it up on their own from the floor before offering your hand with the command drop it. Eventually, they should recognize to pick up the item on command.


This can be a great beginners trick to teach your parrot. All you need to do is offer your finger as though you want them to step onto your hand, but move your arm away when they lift their foot and use the word “wave.” They should be left with one foot in the air as though they are waving. Merely repeat the process until your parrot is lifting their foot all on their own.

Turn around

Start with your parrot on their perch and a treat on your hand. Keep the treat out of reach but make sure it’s at your parrot’s eye level. Then, slowly move around the perch until they are forced to turn to look at the treat. Begin by turning halfway around before building up to a full circle on the perch.

Take a bow

This is much like the turnaround trick but involves your parrot taking a bow instead. Keep the treat at eye level and then move it down toward the ground until your parrot is bowing on its perch. Simply repeat the process until they no longer need you to move your hand for the command.

Parrots are often considered to be some of the most intelligent birds. Perhaps that’s how they can learn so many tricks? Thankfully, with so many variations to teach our parrots, it looks as though we should have plenty of skills to keep them enriched – as well as having a host of tricks to show off to our friends.