These Are The Coolest Pet Tech Products Of 2019 So Far

It’s fair to say that the world is full of amazing inventions and technology that has benefited our lives in more ways than one, but did you know that there are also amazing inventions for pets? Yes, it seems like it’s a great time to be an animal because they are getting to experience what the modern world has to offer them. Pet tech is an ever-growing business that just seems to be chopping and changing all the time, and there’s no doubt about the fact that these are the coolest products of 2019 so far.


If you have an energetic pooch, you’ll know that it can often be hard to keep up to their energy levels – especially after a long day in the office. You might not have the motivation to play fetch with them for half an hour at a time, which is why this iFetch has come in pretty handy. This automatic ball launcher does the hard stuff for you and will continue launching balls into the air for as long as your dog wants it to.


Installing a cat flap on your door can be perfect for your animals, as it gives them the chance to enter and leave your house as they please, without having to beg you to open the door for them. However, if you have had a cat flap in the past, you’ll know that a small door into the warmth of your home can be a breeding ground for all kinds of creatures that don’t quite belong in your kitchen. Instead of dealing with toads more often than you would like, the Sureflap is a microchip pet door that only opens and closes when your pet’s microchip can be read by the device.


If you leave your dog at home when you go to work, you can often feel a pang of guilt that you’re not giving them the attention they deserve. But what if we told you that there was a way to combat that? The PetChatz system gives you the chance to set up a monitor on your home where you can talk to your pet whenever you want. It features an LCD display and even gives you the option to give your pet treats when they are behaving well.

Litter Robot

Cats are independent animals, but it’s fair to say that they can often get all up in your grill when it comes to their cat litter. These animals seem to love throwing around their litter, and it can be a nightmare for owners to keep on top of. Thankfully, the Litter Robot is here to help you out. This automatic cat litter tray will do the dirty work for you, and find all of the dirty litter and scoops it away from the clean litter, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning it every single day.

Looking for the best tech products of this year so far? Look no further.