Cleaning Products You Can’t Use When Your Pets Are Around

Pets are pretty great, right? These adorable animals soon became a huge part of your family, and they seem to love living in your home. However, that doesn’t mean that they help out with the chores. Pets can often cause a huge amount of mess and dirt to build up in your house, especially if they’re the kind of animal that heads outside and plays around in the mud! Because of this, it’s important to maintain a cleaning regime, in order to leave your house as clean as it can possibly be. Many ingredients within these cleaning products can be toxic to your pets, though, so try to avoid them at all costs.

Oven cleaner

Although it’s always a good idea to clean your oven, it’s best to do this when your pets are not around. That’s because most oven cleaners are full of ammonia. They are also sometimes full of bleach, and this combination can be potentially fatal to animals. These ingredients are poisonous, which means that you should keep your pets away from the cleaning area until you have finished with the oven and completely washed away any potentially hazardous residue.

Toilet cleaners

Considering it’s used on a regular basis, this also means that you should clean your toilet bowl on a regular basis. Most people use bleach or products that have chlorine in them to do this because they seem to do the job without a huge amount of work. However, it’s important to keep your pets at bay when you do this because chlorine can affect animals more than you would think. You probably know that chlorine is an incredibly strong smell, and this can leave your animal feeling dizzy, and it could also cause them to vomit.

Carpet cleaners

It’s especially important to keep your pets away when you are cleaning your carpets because most animals spend their days licking or getting extremely close to the floor. One of the main reasons why you should keep your pets at bay is because carpet cleaners normally contain glycol ethers. This dangerous ingredient can be found in carpet cleaners, glass cleaners, and more, and has been linked to countless health problems. This includes kidney damage, lung damage, and anemia.

Drain cleaners

If you use sinks and showers on a regular basis, you’ll know that they can get pretty clogged. This becomes even more problematic if you wash your dog in the shower, and their hair gets caught in the drainage. To clear these drains, most people use drain cleaners. While it may seem as though these won’t harm your animals in any way because the chemicals are poured down the pipes, that’s just not the case. The fumes from these cleaners can still affect your pets, which is why you need to ensure that your animals steer clear of it.

You may have to clean a lot when your pet is around, but you might want to think twice about using these products.