CheckUp: The Only Kit You’ll Ever Need To Make Sure Your Cat Is Healthy

All cat owners will tell you that they want what is best for their furry friends, but that sometimes it can get expensive. If your pet is looking a little lethargic or feeling under the weather, it can often involve an expensive trip to the veterinary clinic. However, CheckUp Kit by Kit4Cat hopes to take away the stress of keeping your cat healthy and happy. So, what exactly is it and is it any good? Here’s our CheckUp Kit for cats review.

What is it?

CheckUp is quite a clever piece of kit that can detect some of the most common issues that can be found with domestic cats. The test looks for issues with glucose levels, protein levels, pH levels, and blood in the urine. These things could be signs of urinary tract infections, kidney issues or even cat diabetes. If you want to ensure the wellness of your cat, or suspect there be a health issue, then it’s ideal for checking for potential issues.

What you get

The product comes with everything you need in one box. You’ll find two identical testing strips, so you can test twice if necessary, a sample collection vial, a sample collection pipette and a bag of Hydrophobic litter. You will also get a handy results card that makes it easy to read the testing strips.

How it works

The product is really easy to use, as you’ll effectively be collecting the sample from the Hydrophobic litter. The sandy litter smells and feels just like normal sand, so your cat should be happy to go to the toilet as usual. You can then use the pipette to collect the sample, which won’t sink into the litter like it would with normal sand. Pop the sample into the collection vial and then dip in your testing strip for two seconds. Compare the diagnostic strip on the results card and check the results at the exact time it says (eg, 30 seconds for glucose and 60 seconds for blood).

Reading the results

It’s vitally important that you read the results within the timeframe stipulated on the results card, as the colors will continuously change. At 30 seconds, circle the color that the testing strip best matches for glucose, protein and pH levels. Then, at 60 seconds, circle the color for the blood results. You will then know if there is a positive or negative result. If any are negative, it’s recommended that you seal the sample vial up tightly and contact your vet. You can then provide them with the vial to investigate further.

CheckUp Kit Review

It may seem like a simple product, but the CheckUp Kit is a genius idea. Instead of spending a lot of money on costly vet bills, you can simply run a few simple checks on your cat first. If the results card shows up anything negative, you can then take them in to check what the issue may be. If you have an overweight or aging cat, then this is the ideal way to keep on top of their health and wellbeing. The results are almost instant, it’s easy to use, there’s no stress for the cat, and it’s recommended by top veterinarians. This is a must-buy for any cat owner!