Celebs That Love Their Pets More Than Anything

Pets are pretty awesome, right? If you’ve never had a pet, you might not quite realize the love that owners have for their furry friends. When it comes down to it, your pets are just as important as your children, your parents, and your best friends, and there’s a high chance that you would do anything for them. However, it seems as though we’re not the only ones who love our pets more than life itself. Although celebrities spend most of their days on movie sets, on tour, or building business empires, they always make the time for their pets.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift may be one of the most successful singers in the world, but she has made no secret about the fact that she is pretty down to earth. In fact, we’re pretty sure that she loves her cats more than she loves people. Until recently, Tay-Tay was the proud owner of two beautiful Scottish fold cats, but she’s since added another into her ever-expanding family. In fact, she adopted Benjamin Button just minutes after she wrapped filming her music video for “Me.” After taking on a major role within this music video, she just couldn’t say goodbye to him.

Paris Hilton

That’s hot! Paris Hilton is the kind of woman that can do everything. Not only has she been on multiple television shows, but she’s also made a name for herself as a businesswoman and a DJ. What you might also know about this heiress is the fact that she absolutely loves her dogs. Paris Hilton is a huge fan of chihuahuas, and has become the mother of countless furry children over the years. To make sure that they live the kind of life that she’s used to, Paris had a two-storey puppy mansion built in her backyard.

Miley Cryrus

As a vegan and animal activist, it should come as no surprise to learn that Miley Cyrus loves her pets. In fact, we think we’ve seen more pictures of her pets on Instagram than we have of herself! Although Miley has gone through the heartbreak of losing many of her pets in the past, she is still committed to rescuing as many as she can from shelters across the US. Wanna know the stats? Well, Miley is currently the proud owner of nine dogs, three cats, and a pig! We think it’s fair to say that she is an animal person.

Ariana Grande

If you follow Ariana Grande on social media, you’ll know that her animals are the loves of her life. Whenever she’s not touring or taking over the charts with her music, she is spending time with her dogs. However, it must be hard to give all of her pets attention, considering she has seven dogs and her pig. In recent years, little Piggy Smallz has taken the world of Instagram by storm, and we love keeping up to date with his exploits in the Grande household.

Although we love our pets more than anything, there’s no doubt about the fact that these celebs are also pretty obsessed with their pets…