Why do Cats Stretch so Much?

We’ve all watched our cats stretch and contort their bodies in all sorts of ways. The question, however, is why do they twist in all these crazy ways when they stretch out their little bodies?

Here are 4 reasons why your little furball stretches the way he does:

1. After a good nap

In much the same way that we stretch when we wake up in the morning, so your kitty will stretch too, simply because it just feels amazing. When you’ve been snoozing in the same position for an hour or two, it’s great to just stretch everything out and get the blood flowing and muscles activated again.

Since your cat’s blood pressure also drops when she’s napping, stretching helps to become more alert, and ready to pounce on anything that may scurry by.

2. It’s a detox

During periods of inactivity, toxins can build up in kitty’s body. Stretching helps to detox from the build-up of carbon dioxide and lactic acid, flushing them out after nap-time. The movements involved in stretching help to improve blood and lymph circulation. This is basically a natural way for the body to clean itself from the inside.

3. Keeping in shape

Just as we do exercise and stretching for our own fitness and health, so does your feline friend. Stiffness and sore muscles are a result of not moving your body for long periods of time. Stretching is the perfect way to combat these symptoms, keeping the body in tip-top shape. This is the same for cats.

Stretching in all these weird and wonderful ways helps to keep your kitty-cat not only flexible but keeps their muscles fit and ready to jump, run, hunt and play with the utmost agility and speed. By stretching the muscles regularly, your cat is elongating the muscle fibers which keeps them in the best shape to tackle all their favorite day-to-day activities.

4. They’re showing you a little love

Cats love stretching, and sometimes the way they stretch is showing you some love too. Have you seen your cat stretch out on her back in front of you? Maybe even with paws reaching out to you?

She’s stretching to show you some love. This is how cats show that they are comfortable and trust you by exposing their tummy. Take it as a sign of the highest form of kitty-love! She is not only getting a great stretch that she loves so much, but you’re getting some love too.

So, there you have it: cats have many reasons to stretch out at any given moment during the day. It just goes to shows that your feline friend knows just how to take care of his body and loosen up all those muscles, even with all those hours of napping each day. All that stretching certainly helps to keep your kitty fit and ready for any playful kitty activity at any time of the day.