What Your Cat’s Different Tail Movements Mean

Have you ever wondered what your cat is trying to tell you? Believe it or not, but all of those different movements are their way of trying to tell us something new. Here’s what your cat’s different tail movements mean they are trying to say.

High tail

If your cat is walking around with their tail high in the air, it means they are content and confident in their space. Their tail straight up in the air also means they are happy and willing to be friendly to others, while twitches at the tip mean they are feeling extra delighted.

Question mark

A cat with a question mark shaped tail means it might be time to put down your phone and focus on your cat. This is because they are feeling playful, and they want to share some fun. This could be anything from chasing their favorite toy to trying to catch your hand as you run it back and forward underneath a blanket.

Low tail

A cat with their tail straight to the ground usually means that it’s feeling a little aggressive. This could mean they are about to attack at any moment. The lower the tail usually means the angrier your cat feels at the time. The same can’t be said for all cats. Some breeds, including Persians, prefer to carry their tails low without it meaning they feel angry.

Tucked away

This is a tail movement that needs to be watched. Like many other animals, if your cat tucks their tail underneath themselves, it means they are nervous or scared. This is usually thanks to something in the environment like another cat, a strange person, or a particular noise.

Puffed up

Perhaps you’ve seen your cat with a puffed up tail and thought it looked pretty funny? It could be time to stop laughing as this usually means they are frightened or severely agitated. They often hold their tail up and puff the hair on it as much as they can to try and make themselves look as large as possible to others.

Whipping to and fro

This is usually a sign that you need to back up if you want to stay safe. Your cat will often whip their tail back and forth very quickly if they are scared or feeling aggressive. Be careful. Some cats can do this while they are playing as it often means they are trying to tell others to stay away.

Swishing slowly

If your cat is swishing their tail much more slowly, then things should be all good. This is because cats typically do this when they are concentrating on an object they are about to pounce on when they are playing or about to jump on something they have found.

Our cats are incredible creatures who have developed a language all on their own. It can be important to learn what your cat’s different tail movements mean to make sure that you are both on the same page.