Cats Who Just Can’t Get Enough Of Christmas Trees

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but it seems as though us humans aren’t the only ones who are excited for the festive period. These cats just can’t get enough of their Christmas trees…

If you’re the kind of person that loves the festive period, you’ll probably have a hard time deciding what you love most about Christmas. Is it the food? The decorations? The presents? The Christmas movies? Family time? Or what about the tree? Millions of people across the globe get into the spirit by filling their home with a beautifully decorated tree, complete with lights, baubles, and all kinds of ornaments that bring the whole thing to life. However, it seems as though humans aren’t the only ones who love these trees.

Cats are strange animals. One minute they love you, the next minute they hate you, and you just don’t know where you stand with them. Yet, one thing most pet owners know for sure is that cats love trees, and they especially love trees that are laden with all kinds of shiny things. It’s no wonder these cats are getting in the mood for Christmas…

Spot the cat

If you have a cat, you’ll know that they love climbing trees. When you think about their wild ancestors, it’s easy to understand why. Lions and tigers spend their days digging their claws into trees, so why wouldn’t our adorable little pets do the same thing? As soon as the Christmas tree went up, this cat made their way into the branches and claimed it as their own.

It was their hiding place, it was their home, and they were going to make the most of it. Of course, this doesn’t make things easy for cat owners. These animals are elusive enough without losing them in the midst of some tinsel and some ornaments. Even a bell wouldn’t help them find their kitty cat in this situation because you can’t have a Christmas tree without a few bells on it, right?

A helping paw

It can often be hard to know whether your cat loves you or not. One minute they’ll be nuzzling up next to you, and the next minute they’re scratching at your face and showing you their tail. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t sometimes call a truce over the festive period. This cat obviously wanted to let bygones be bygones with Christmas fast approaching, so they decided to reach out to their owner with an olive branch.

Well, a hypothetical olive branch that looked more like a star than anything else. In an effort to help their mom or dad decorate the tree, this cat knew that their input would make a difference – and it certainly did just that. After all, everyone knows that the star is the most important part of any tree.

Can I help you?

While there are some cats in this world who want to help their owners decorate the tree, there are others who just can’t get on board. They see every tree or plant that makes its way into their home their own personal tree, and they aren’t willing to share – regardless of the situation. Sure, this cat’s owner may have been looking forward to filling this tree with all kinds of lights and decorations, but we all really know that what the cat decides is what actually happens.

No matter how much you try and argue with a cat, it’s just not going to make any difference. We can only assume that this owner did try and reason with their white cat, but judging by this look, we don’t think they were playing ball. We hope you like empty trees, human…

Hidden from view

Cats are the kind of animals that like to disappear for days at a time. Cat owners are used to their kitties going AWOL, so they don’t worry too much. They’ll always come back for some reason or another – and it’s normally because they’re hungry. Those cats who do disappear for days at a time often go wandering around the local neighborhood and chasing some mice, but that doesn’t mean that they always head outside.

This cat found a perfectly comfortable spot inside their own house, and they were more than happy to sit there for days at a time. We have a feeling that their owner would have been pretty worried about them after a while, but they could rest easy knowing that their little kitty had instead set up shop within the branches of their expensive Christmas tree.

Rocking around

Most people have heard the Christmas song “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree,” and we can’t help but wonder whether Brenda Lee took inspiration from a cat when this song was made. While it doesn’t take much to get people up and dancing when the festive period comes around, it certainly does take a lot to make a cat this excited.

When this little one saw this Christmas tree in the flesh, they knew that they had to jump around it and rock around the whole thing. Inf act, we’re pretty sure that the Christmas tree rocked so hard that it eventually tipped over and fell to the floor. This is something that many cat owners are used to, and something they have to deal with every single year. Christmas trees are like the catnip of the festive period.

Keeping warm

Unless you live in the world Down Under, you’ll know that Christmas is normally pretty cold. The temperatures begin to drop as the festive period draws closer, snow and rain begin to fall, and frost covers every surface imaginable. It can often be hard for people to warm up when temperatures drop to such low degrees, and while a thick blanket and heaters can normally do the trick, have you ever wondered how cats warm up?

Going outside and venturing out into the wild isn’t an option when it gets cold, so many cats choose to get into the Christmas spirit even more. This adorable little thing made its way into this Christmas tree and decided to hide amongst the baubles and the twinkling lights in an effort to warm themselves up, and we really don’t blame them.

We all fall down

There are two kinds of cats in this world. There are cats who seem to be amazed by the lights and the colors of a Christmas tree, and there are those who seem to be personally offended by such a thing. Rather than just glaring at this tree from the other side of the room, these cats often decide to reap revenge on the item that’s causing them so much irritation.

They do this by using all of their energy to jump up into the tree and pull it down to the ground with an almighty crash. It doesn’t matter if the tree has been up for three weeks or three minutes. If a cat wants to reap revenge on a Christmas tree, they’re not going to let anything get in their way.

Just hanging out

If you’ve already put up your Christmas tree, but you just can’t seem to find your beloved kitty anywhere, you might want to read between the lines. In fact, you might want to look between the branches, because you can almost guarantee that there’s going to be a cat in there somewhere. For some reason, cats are drawn to the uncomfortable branches of a tree, and they just love to contort themselves into all kinds of positions so that they can hide away from view.

While we’d definitely find it boring to stay in the same place for hours or even days on end, these cats seem to thrive on such a thing – especially during the festive period. No, we don’t think that we will ever understand cats, no matter how hard we try.

Shine bright

There’s nothing better than grabbing the Christmas tree from the attic and decorating it with the most beautiful ornaments and lights. It sparks the beginning of the festive period, and it’s more than enough to put a smile on your face. Of course, we’re not the only ones who enjoy the lighting of the Christmas tree. C

ats also seem to love this tradition, and they adore the fact that their favorite thing in the world – a tree – lights up and shines like a diamond when string lights are attached to it. When you do turn on the switch and bring your tree to life, be sure to take note of how it affects your cat. By looking at their face, you’ll be able to see that they also love the process… Perhaps a little too much.

Keeping things comfortable

One of the many things that we envy about cats is that they can find a comfortable position in even the most uncomfortable of situations – and that’s something that would come in pretty handy when our flight gets delayed. This cat is the perfect example of that, as they managed to look as adorable and as comfy as ever when they clung onto this Christmas tree and decided to have a little snooze.

While we’d be screaming and clinging on for dear life if we were to replicate this with a fully-formed tree, this cat absolutely nailed it. What’s even cooler is the fact that they seemed to camouflage themselves into the decoration. In an attempt to not be caught and sleep for hours on end, they utilized their fur and their tail to look like another piece of tinsel added to the branches.


Cats often do the darndest things, and while they’re pretty funny, they can also be pretty alarming. After all, if you lose a cat in a Christmas tree and can’t find them, the last thing you expect is for them to poke their head out and scare the wits out of you when you’re singing along to your favorite Christmas tunes. However, it seems as though these adorable animals just aren’t great at understanding social cues, and when you shouldn’t jump out at a human.

Most people know that you shouldn’t jump out at those who have perhaps had a little too much Eggnog or gone a little too hard on the mulled wine, but it seems as though cats just don’t understand that concept. Maybe one day they’ll learn, and maybe one day they won’t obsess over Christmas trees.

Just so beautiful

If you’re the kind of person that is a little skeptical about cats, then you’ve probably seen them at their worst before. You may have experienced them scratch your face and hiss at you, and you’ve probably seen that they can do some damage – especially when there are breakables involved. However, cats can sometimes surprise us, and sometimes this can happen during the most magical time of the year.

When this owner turned around to see that their cat was getting a little too close to the Christmas tree, they were probably overcome with annoyance. Was Bobby going to knock over the tree for the umpteenth time in history? Well, it seemed as though this cat had other ideas. Instead, it just wanted to be super cute and admire the beautiful baubles without causing any trouble. We guess miracles can really happen.

Having a little nibble

One of the best things about Christmas is the fact that it’s perfectly acceptable to eat way more food than you would normally. It’s totally fine to eat a whole box of chocolate for your breakfast, there’s no drama when it comes to eating roast potatoes alongside every form of meat, vegetables, or cereal, and it’s also totally normal to eat essentially a full turkey to yourself.

It’s Christmas, and Christmas is the perfect foodie excuse. It seems as though this cat got this memo as well because they wanted to ensure that they were eating everything and anything during the holiday season. However, we have a feeling that their human mom and dad probably weren’t too happy about the fact that this kitty cat’s food of choice was their expensive Christmas tree.

Oh Christmas tree

Everyone loves a Christmas tree, right? One of the main reasons for this is because it gives you a chance to light up your room with all kinds of twinkling bulbs and baubles. As if that wasn’t enough, you also get to tailor it to your own tastes! Fancy a bright pink tree with pink decorations? No problem! Want to fill your tree with traditional ornaments? That’s fine too!

It seems as though this cat has some very strong opinions about this Christmas tree, and while we can’t work out whether they approve of the decoration or not, there’s no doubt about the fact that this kitty cat is getting a good look at the whole thing. They’re even having a little touch and making sure that the baubles are as high a quality as they can possibly be. Cats have high standards, you know.

The shining star

Christmas lovers across the globe have their own way of decorating their tree, but it’s long been held that you should always top your Christmas tree with something special. That might be an angel that has been passed down through your family for generations, it might be a decoration that your children made, it might be an adorable and shining star – or it might be a cat.

This cat clearly wanted to be the center of attention, which probably won’t take cat owners by surprise. After all, these animals try to be as sneaky and as sleuth-like as possible, but at the end of the day, they love to be the center of attention. It seems as though this cat just knew that it had to be the shining star atop this Christmas tree, so that’s exactly what it did.

Blending in

On some levels, we really do have to admire cats. Their blasé attitude allows themselves the chance to be totally themselves, and it allows them to take a few hours away from the hubbub of everyday life every now and then. Doesn’t everyone dream of having a few hours to themselves when life gets pretty hectic? Cats have nailed this part of life, and it’s fair to say that this cat has also nailed it.

When times got a little tough and the stress of Christmas shopping and cooking Christmas dinner got a little too much for this cute little kitty, it decided to take some time away from the hustle and bustle and find a hiding space. That hiding space just happened to be in the Christmas tree, and we think it makes them look even cuter.

Caught in the act

Although there’s no doubt about the fact that it’s within a cat’s nature to climb trees and cause a ruckus, there are certain situations where pet owners just don’t want this to happen. Yes, after spending hours decking the house with decorations and trees, this owner didn’t want their cat to go rocking the joint. So, they made a vow to themselves to keep an eye on their tree and an eye on their cat.

They had to make sure that their kitty didn’t get a little too claw-happy around the lights and the branches, but it seems as though they just weren’t quick enough. This is the face of a cat who was definitely caught in the act, and that’s a guilty face if we ever did so. You have to admire their courage, though, right?

Absolute carnage

When it comes to cats and Christmas trees, these animals really are like moths to a flame. There’s just something about the bright lights and the colors that seems to attract the feline form, and they can’t help but be drawn to them. Of course, this isn’t great for those who have spent their afternoon perfecting the bauble placement and the wrapping of the tinsel.

This picture really does sum up the way that cats act around Christmas trees, and you can see the carnage that has been created because of it. The bottom half of the tree is almost completely empty, and the cat is already getting to work on the higher tiers. When these cats have a mission on their hands, they’re not going to stop until all of the baubles are off…

Getting comfortable

If you have a cat, there’s a high chance that you have spent a huge amount of money on them over the years. You may have spent a fortune to get them up to date with their vaccinations and their treatment, you may have bought them more toys than you could possibly count, and you’ve also probably bought them a huge number of beds and comfortable perches for them to make use of.

However, hands up if you’re a cat owner who has done this only for their cat to sit in a box instead of the bed you bought them? They’re fickle felines, and it seems as though cats don’t care too much for comfortable things that have been bought for them. This one decided to set up shop in a Christmas tree instead.

Reaching the top

Have you ever come across a cat with vertigo? We thought not. If you’re familiar with the cat species, you’ve probably been able to see that cats just love to reach new heights. Even if they find themselves in a sticky situation when they get to the top, there’s something about their nature and their instincts that takes them to the highest point of the nearest building, structure, or Christmas tree.

This cat obviously wasn’t having a great time when they got to the top of this tree and realized that it wasn’t quite as strong as it seemed, but they weren’t going to give up. One thing that cats will never do is give up, so you have to give them credit for their tenacity. If you want something done, a cat will always do it.

If I fit, I sits

If you have a cat, you’ll know that they love to get themselves comfortable in what can often look like the most uncomfortable of places. No matter whether you leave a vase or a box out on the worktop, you can almost guarantee that your cat will magically transform themselves into a liquid form and slide into that particular vessel.

When this owner attempted to whip out their Christmas tree and light up their living room with festive cheer, they didn’t even get that far. As soon as the stand made its way onto the floor, so did the cat. After all, if they fit, they sit. We have a feeling that the decorating plan went out of the window when this happened. When a cat looks this content, you just know that there’s no moving them for a while.

Taking a break

Unless you buy a real and fresh Christmas tree, you’ll know that putting an artificial tree up can be a struggle. That’s because it comes in various different pieces, and you have to make sure that these pieces match up before you can really see the tree come to life. Of course, you have to be really dedicated to the cause to put the whole tree up in one setting, and it seems as though this cat just wasn’t having any of it.

While they wanted to see the finished product, they also couldn’t ignore the fact that the bottom half of the tree looked super comfortable. With this in mind, the cat vowed to come back to the decorating task at a later date and take a nap for the time being.

Just so pure

If you’re able to take your eyes away from this photograph without a tear in your eye, then we might have to question whether you have any feelings at all. While many cats can cause a riot when the festive period comes around due to their destructive ways, there are other cats who are just so pure in terms of their love for Christmas.

While we don’t know whether this cat tore the whole tree down after this photo was taken, it’s clear to see that this little one is transfixed by the beauty and the brightness of the tree in its living room. Sure, this cat could simply be plotting its revenge on the item, but we’re gonna go ahead and hope that it’s just utterly in love with the festive addition. Who doesn’t love a Christmas tree?

Looking cute

Cats are pretty hard to read sometimes. One minute they’re looking super cute, and the next minute they’re baring their teeth at you and sharpening their claws on the side of the couch. It’s hard to know where you stand with these little ones, but we have a feeling that this super cute kitten has got in the Christmas spirit.

Instead of hanging out outside or leaving their owner for weeks on end, it seems as though they just want to be around the tree and the lights. We don’t blame them, really. If we could, we would surround ourselves with the festive spirit every single day of every single month, because there’s nothing better than Christmas. This cat is learning young, which means they’re in for one heck of a ride.

The ultimate present

Before we talk about the cat, we just have to talk about this incredible Christmas tree. How amazing is this?! Everything from the giant bow to the gingerbread people and the huge candies are perfect, and there’s no doubt about the fact that we would love to have this thing standing in our living room. It seems as though we’re not the only ones who love this tree, either.

This cat couldn’t help but fall in love with this tree, so they decided that they would sit in it throughout the Christmas period to truly make the most of it. If we could do the same, then we probably would, to be honest. Of course, we’d have to find a much bigger tree if we were to follow in the pawsteps of this little kitty.

Having a snooze

If we could have one wish in this world, it would be for us to be able to sleep as easily and as soundly as the cats that reside on this planet. After all, these adorable little animals can fall asleep at the drop of a hat, and they could sleep through absolutely anything if they wanted to. Life can be especially tiring around the festive period, as there is so much to do and so much to prepare.

You have to make sure that you have bought presents for all of your family, you have to ensure that you have enough food readily available in the house, and you even have to try and fit in awesome festive activities to keep you entertained. That’s probably why this cat is so tired, so we don’t blame them for having a snooze in the tree.

A fluffy feline

This is one of the fluffiest little things we have ever seen, and while we know that this cat probably doesn’t have any problems using its claws when its owner annoys them, it’s still pretty cute. It seems as though this cat also thinks that this Christmas tree is pretty cute as well because they can’t help but get their paws all around the decorations.

Most people will probably relate to this because there’s just something about Christmas that gets people all excited. Everything is new and exciting, and seeing decorations around your house is enough to make you giddy with glee. Amazingly, it seems as though this cat is utterly transfixed by the lights and decorations on this tree, and we have a feeling they’ll be there for a while.

The scene of the crime

If you have a cat that just can’t stand to share the room with a Christmas tree, then we have a feeling that you’ll be familiar with the scene in this photo. After all, cats just can’t help themselves. When they see a Christmas tree standing in the corner, it’s as if their natural instinct kicks in. Either they climb the tree and set up shop there for hours without any form of human detection, or they tear the whole thing down and wait for their human to find the mess.

This cat was obviously pretty proud of the fact that they had torn down the beautiful Christmas tree, and they wanted to stay at the scene of the crime to show off just how proud they were. They wanted their human to know who was boss, so that’s exactly what they did.

Eyes wide open

There are many cats in this world who just love Christmas trees so much, and it’s clear to see. All they can do is stare at the branches and the lights, and it seems as though nothing else is important to them when the Christmas tree makes its way into the house. Because of this, one cat owner decided to give their little kitten a little treat.

They knew that their furry feline loved the way that the tree looked, but they also knew that the sheer size of their tree was a little intimidating for them. So, they bought the cat their very own miniature tree, and this was the end result. As you can probably tell by the facial expression on this cat, they were pretty pleased with the purchase. That’s love right there.

Making it perfect

Those who have introduced their cat to the Christmas tree will know that some of them become pretty protective of the new installation. Many cats make it their responsibility to look after the tree and make sure that it doesn’t come to any harm, and it seems as though this cat has taken on the role of protector.

Checking up on the tree and the branches every now and then, this cat pats the decorations just to make sure that everything is still in place. This works out well for the owners, who quickly realize that they don’t have to worry about their cat. Instead of watching the felines’ every move, they can instead focus on drinking the Eggnog that has been calling their name since December 1st. Someone has to drink it, right?

Messing around

Trying to control one cat around a Christmas tree is bad enough, but have you ever had to deal with two cats? Not only is this hard work to begin with, but it’s even harder because there’s a whole new level of trouble to contend with. It seems as though the owner of these black and white cats has a tough job on their hands because they have both taken a liking to the branches.

Cats are normally very solitary characters, and owners will know – probably from experience and scars – that they really don’t like to share. We don’t even want to think about the drama that unfolded after these two cats got into a fight while on this Christmas tree, but we can only thank the tree gods that it wasn’t decorated at the time.

In and out

One of the many things that intrigues us about the feline form is the fact that they seem to be able to change their form in seconds. One minute they are solid creatures who are knocking every single item you have on the top of your cabinet onto the floor, and the next minute they’re able to slide themselves into a Christmas tree and come out the other side without hitting the branches in the process.

How do they do this? Can they become liquid and solid at will? This is something that would come in pretty handy when you think about it, and it seems to definitely come in handy when cats really want to get into the festive spirit. Now, it’s part of the Christmas tree as a whole, and they can’t ignore the festive vibes.

Bathing in the sun

Unless you have the pleasure of living in Australia and get to spend Christmas day on the beach, you’ll know that seeing the sun during the festive period is pretty rare. Most of the time, we have to contend with dark mornings and evenings and cold temperatures that make you want to cuddle up on the couch with a hot cocoa – and extra marshmallows, of course.

However, it seems as though there was a Christmas miracle on this occasion, and this cat was able to find a little spot in the sun that would warm it up and get it ready for the holiday season. While this positioning doesn’t look too comfortable to us, we have a feeling that this little cat loved its snooze within the branches. Everyone needs a little snooze in the sun every once in a while.

Planning the next move

If we could talk to animals, the world would be much less stressful. After all, anyone who has a cat will know that cats can be pretty unpredictable, and you never know their next move. In terms of this cat, there are two options to choose from. Either this adorable kitty will just sit and stare at the colored ornaments for a few hours without causing any damage, or they’re just planning their next move.

We know enough about cats to know that it takes just a few seconds for them to put their plan into action and pull down a whole Christmas tree – decorations and all. This photo is the perfect snapshot of a turning point in a cat’s day. Will they or won’t they? We guess we’ll just never know.

Feeling blue

Decorating the Christmas tree is one of the most magical moments within the Christmas period, and it seems as though this cat may be feeling a little blue that they weren’t involved in the process. However, we have a hunch that cats wouldn’t be too good at decorating a tree anyway. How are they going to use their paws to hook the bauble string over the branches?

Would they be able to place the star atop the tree? We think not. Maybe one day cats will be able to have their own trees that they can decorate, but for the time being, it seems as though this cat is pretty content with sulking in the corner and giving the ultimate puppy dog – or kitty kat – eyes to the perfectly blue bauble.