30+ Amazing Cat Patios: The Perfect Way To Spoil Your Kitty

Do you love your cat? Actually, that’s a silly question. In recent times, pet owners who are just as obsessed with their cats as you are have embraced the catio, and it’s truly something special.

An oriental garden

If you love learning about new cultures and countries, then it might be time to invest in a new catio for your cat. Create something inspired by your travels, so it will feel as though you’re constantly on vacation with your cat! That’s the dream, right? This person decided to create an oriental oasis for their kitties, and it’s safe to say that we are in love.

Everything from the bridge to the little temple is making us “ooh” and “aah” more often than we would like, but we don’t care. We just can’t keep it in. The cats also seem to love their abode, which makes the whole thing even more adorable. Can we live here too?

Space to roam

There are two kinds of cats in this world. Okay, there are more than two different kinds of cats, but for the sake of this argument, there are only two. There are indoor house cats that aren’t allowed outside, and there are cats that are free to roam across the land to their heart’s content. Seriously, sometimes our cat will stroll in a week after leaving the house as though nothing happened.

If you have a house cat, you’ll know that they can get a bit of the ol’ cabin fever every now and then. That’s why this catio is absolutely genius. It’s not expensive, and it’s not fancy, but it gives the kitties space to roam. What could be better than that?

Out in the elements

They say that pets take after their owners, so if you’re the kinda person that loves to be at one with nature, then it’s time to give your cat the same opportunity. You get to wander through the fields and smell the aroma of freshly cut grass, so why shouldn’t they?

It’s 2019, after all. Cats should be treated as equals in today’s day and age. This catio is perfectly formed and sophisticated and has everything a cat could possibly want. It’s got a climbing frame, it’s got perches, it’s got beautiful plants and greenery, and it’s even got a pretty impressive view. Purrfection.

Stretching your legs

If you were cooped up in a house all day, you’d get pretty bored. Sure, you could just watch oodles of Netflix and stuff your face with popcorn, but you need some fresh air sometimes, right? Well, this cat has the perfect opportunity to stretch their legs. Their catio comes complete with various different elements, and we’re pretty sure this thing is bigger than our whole apartment.

It not only has a raised walkway that provides a passage between the house and the catio, but the catio itself is truly something special. It even has a catio within the catio! Just look at that little cat-house! It’s catio-ception.

Just hanging out

Do you have a few cats to your name? If you just answered “yes” to that question, then it’s time to listen up. Every cat is different, and every cat has their own likes and dislikes. Because of this, you need to cater to all of the different cats in your life – and this person has done just that.

They have provided a hammock for the little ones to hang out in when they get bored of teasing their brothers and sisters, there are a few different towers for them to pick and choose depending on their mood, and there’s even a few cushions thrown in for good measure. This catio is definitely not short on furniture.

Time away

If you’re the kind of person that takes photos of your cat every five minutes because they are just so adorable, it might be time to give them time away from your pestering. They need their alone time every now and then, which is why a catio is the perfect idea.

It’s their little sanctuary, and it’s their escape when their owners get a little too overbearing. Yes, we’re talking about you! This amazing catio not only has its own bridge, but there’s also more than enough space for your cat to roam without a camera in their faces. #SelfCare, guys.

The beach house

Everyone loves a trip to the beach, right? Well, it’s not quite as easy for cats. Most cats absolutely hate water and would scram at the sight of the ocean, and we can’t help but wonder if they would mistake the sand for a giant kitty litter tray. If that did happen, things would get pretty messy.

However, that doesn’t mean that your cat can’t have a little vacation. This beach house catio is perfect for those days where your cat feels a little overwhelmed. We love the extra added touch of the windows and the cardboard cut-outs. It’s basically the Hamptons, really.

‘Tis the season

Just because they can’t sing carols doesn’t mean that cats don’t want to celebrate the holiday season. You never know, they might sing “‘Tis the season to be jolly” when you’re out of the house. If you want to help your kitty experience the festive joy of Christmas, then it might be time to add a Christmas tree into the mix.

Adding one of these bad boys to your catio shouldn’t be too difficult, but you might want to get some superglue at the ready. Cats and Christmas trees have rarely been a good mix, as there’s something about these things that just turn kitties wild. Don’t give them a reason to pull off your favorite ornaments.

A jungle gym

Although there are many cats in this world that love to just laze in the sun and do nothing, there are also many cats who get pretty restless. They need to stretch their legs, they need to get their hearts pumping, and they need to keep their energy levels high. So, what’s the answer?

This catio will solve all of your problems if you have an energetic cat. This owner has thrown everything into one large area, which gives their cat the chance to mix and match. One morning they might perch on the grass-laden tower, while they might create their very own obstacle course in the afternoon. The opportunities are endless.

High and mighty

Cats are strange creatures sometimes. One minute they love you, and the next minute you’re the most hated owner on the planet. You just can’t tell from one moment to the next, which is why it’s sometimes best to let them feel all high and mighty. The best way to do this? Build them a tower that will lord over the rest of the land.

This owner has done just that and created a huge structure for their cat to enjoy. They have a tunnel, they have climbing equipment, and they even have a little seating area for when they need a time-out. Let’s just hope this cat doesn’t suffer from vertigo. Otherwise, the owner will also have some vomit added into the mix.

Smelling the flowers

There’s nothing quite like the smell of flowers, but we can’t help but wonder if the cats feel as though they’re missing out. Do they want to check out the roses? Do they want to sniff the dandelions? Well, this catio gives the cats the chance to do just that. Although it may not be the largest and most structurally unique catio, it certainly offers something a little somethin’ somethin’ special.

There are flowers galore, and we have a feeling that the cats will be over the moon. You know, unless they decide that they don’t like flowers and scratch them off their plants. There is a high possibility of that happening.

Simple yet effective

If you want to create a catio for your cat, you can rest easy knowing that we’re not expecting the Taj Mahal of catios from you. Something simple will do, too. This catio is the perfect example of something that is simple yet effective because it offers everything the cat needs.

There are different levels for them to traverse, there are little bits of driftwood to break up the hard floor, and it even offers a direct route into the house. As you know, cats are stubborn creatures. One minute they’ll ignore your entire existence, and the next minute they will be craving your attention and all of the cuddles. We kinda relate.

Getting cozy

There’s something so magical about having your own space for you to enjoy. This might be a little reading nook, it might be your kitchen, or it may be lazing in your comfortable bed. After all, we’d be cozy for the rest of our lives if we could. It seems as though cats are no different because they also love somewhere to call their own. You know what?

This catio is everything a cat could want and more. It’s not too flashy, and it has enough room for them to roam. Of course, your cats are still gonna wind up laying on top of each other, because apparently, personal space doesn’t compute in cat language. They’re still cute, though.

A catty gathering

Cats really are enigmas, aren’t they? We just can’t work out what they’re thinking, and we don’t think we will ever understand what they want or need in life. Do they want a scratch behind the ear? Do they want to be left alone? Do they want to smother you with attention? Or do they all want to congregate in their catio to discuss your downfall?

Most of the time, it could be any of those options. This owner may have made a grave mistake when they built this catio for their cats because this is the perfect place to reap revenge. Still, it’s pretty cool.

Rough around the edges

We’re gonna be honest. We totally love this catio. Although it may be a little rough around the edges, it doesn’t look too perfectly constructed. In fact, it looks as though the cats have simply taken over their owner’s house and claimed it as their own. Cat owners will, of course, know that this basically happens anyway.

When you take a cat home with you, you are basically signing an unofficial contract that gives all of your belongings away to your cats. They own you, they own your house, and they own your catio. Just kidding. Kinda. Not really. You can figure it out for yourself.

Watching the world

Is this catio above water?! If so, that’s pretty cool. While there are some cats in this world that love to interact with humans and show some love to their owners, there are others that simply love to watch the world go around.

This owner obviously has a cat from the latter category and has built this amazing multi-level catio for their kitty. Not only does it have a view over the water, but it also has a view over the dock. Now, everyone who comes and goes will get an eyeful from the kitty who lives aboard this vessel.

Round and around

Have you ever watched your cat swirl around and around for absolutely no reason? Well, if you own a cat that seems as though they might be a little broken, this catio is for them. It features a fun tunnel to get them from the house to the catio itself, and there’s more than enough space for them to roam.

All of the toys and stands are in the middle, which means the cat can decide where it wants to go from there. Will it stay in one place? Will it run round and round in circles for hours? The fun part is finding out because you just couldn’t guess.

Fun and games

Just like there are all kinds of humans in this world, there are all kinds of cats. There are some that love to stay in one place for hours on end, while there are others who just can’t stay still. Although they’re sadly not putting on their dancing shoes and dancing the tango, they do like to just have a wander. Keeping track of wandering cats can be hard, but not if you have a tunneled catio.

Just look at this masterpiece! With one of the longest tunnels from the house to the catio we’ve ever seen, it’s got something for every cat. Those who want to wander can stroll along to the end, while the cats who like to laze can do just that.

Blending in

If you want to gift your cat with a catio but don’t want to compromise your back yard too much, there are definitely ways around this. Yep, this catio is the perfect example of one that blends into the surroundings, but still provides an amazing space for your cat to do whatever they want.

They could do cat yoga, they could get ready for their next choir practice, or they could just eat their dinner. You know, the opportunities are endless. This catio is also covered in foliage and greenery, which will hopefully make your cat feel as though they are one with nature. Perfect for cat yoga, y’all.

Space for humans

Catios are perfect for your cats because they give them a chance for them to be alone. Yet, sometimes they do like human interaction. If you are planning on adding a catio into the mix, then you might want to think about that little nugget of information. Sure, it’s great to give your cat space to roam on their own, but give yourself a little space, too.

Adding a chair to your catio is the best way to encourage human-cat bonding, because who doesn’t want to become besties with their kitty? You can sit there and read a book or catch up on Netflix, while your cat can catch the water coming out of the fountain.

Not standing out

Cats are a pretty important addition to your life, but do you really want to add something to your yard that’s going to stick out like a sore thumb? If you want something subtle that blends into the surroundings, then something like this could float your boat. While this catio may be huge, it doesn’t seem too big.

It just looks like a natural addition to the yard, and something that the cats would love. There are ramps, there are towers, there are plants, and there are even a few climbing frames for good measure. If we built this for our cats, we would be in there too. Hopefully, that ramp is reinforced for the weight of a human.

Around the houses

If you don’t have a yard, then finding somewhere to put your cats can be a struggle. Sure, they can roam about your house, but where’s the fun in that? This owner found the perfect way to give their cat some exercise, and we’re actually considering a Nobel Kitty Prize for this one. You know, if that existed.

Without taking up any space inside the house or in the limited yard space, this cat can literally run around the houses without causing a fuss. They can jump from layer to layer, or they could just hang out and watch the world go by. What a spoiled kitty.

A colorful palace

Is this not the coolest catio you have ever seen in your life?! We would happily live here, and we’re kinda obsessed with it. Not only has this catio been built to an impressive standard and painted in all of the colors of the rainbow, but it’s also got everything your cat could possibly want.

Tunnels? Check! Open spaces to roam? Yep! Different levels to explore? You betcha! We can’t even imagine the time and money it took to make this, but we truly appreciate what this owner has done. We don’t know you, but we will find you, and we will congratulate you on this colorful palace.

A romantic evening

You know when you want a romantic evening with your partner, but your cat also wants to get in on the action? Well, now they can. This adorable catio is located on this equally-as-adorable patio, and it’s safe to say that it’s one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen. These cats get the chance to hang out with their owners while also enjoying their own space, and that’s something every cat wants.

After all, they want to be with you, but they don’t want to be with you. It’s pretty simple, really. Just kidding, it’s a minefield. With cacti and string lights, this catio is perfect for a lil’ romantic evening with just you, your partner, your dog, and your cats. How intimate.

Endless options

We’re gonna go out on a limb here and make a broad statement. In our eyes, cats have absolutely no idea what they want in life. Do you agree? One minute they are sitting down and giving your evils when you try to play with them, and the next minute they are tearing your string to shreds because they just don’t have the time for your games.

Because of this, it’s best to give your cats endless options within their catio. Give them space to roam on the floor, give them space to roam up the walls, and give them places to chill when they feel like chilling. If you give them options, they can’t be mad.

Lazing in the sun

Cats are real sun worshippers, and they love nothing more than closing their eyes in a patch of sun and following it around the room. We feel that. It’s warm, it’s cozy, and it just feels so good. If you are planning on building a catio for your purrfect kitties, then it’s best to think about them getting all the sunshine they can.

If you can, follow in the footsteps of this owner and create a catio that catches the sun. Also, if you can, try and go as extra as this owner. These cats have their own pond, they have their own bamboo climbing frame, and they basically have their own climbing frame. I mean, it’s pretty awesome.

A room with a view

There’s one thing we know for sure about cats, and that’s that they love to watch the world go by. They are true introverts and seem to relish the fact that they can simply sit back and let everyone else rush about their own business. Either that or they’re plotting your downfall. It really could be either of those two options.

This owner decided to give their cat the perfect viewpoint for them to stare out at the yard and check out the natural world. Of course, they also have other options if it’s a little too boring outside. With towers, steps, and platforms, this is one cool catio.

In the thick of it

Although there are many cats in this world that seem to hate human interaction, there are many other cats who get some serious separation anxiety. They can’t take being away from their owners, and they just don’t like to be away from the thick of it. We can only imagine this owner had that in mind when they bought their catio.

Located right in the middle of their yard, this catio gives the cat a 360-degree viewpoint of its humans. It can choose to hang out in its little tower, or it could sit on the chair and pretend as though it’s taking part in the barbecue. That’s kinda cute.

Doing the gardening

If you’re the kind of human who loves to keep their yard in top form, then you might spend a huge amount of time outside. So, what happens to your cat when that happens? Are you just going to leave them on their own? You don’t actually have to do that.

This owner found the perfect way to keep their cat on a tight leash even though they were outside, by creating a tunneling system that took it around the whole yard. This way, they can do the gardening and pull out the weeds without having to worry about their kitty getting lonely.

An apartment

Cats are pretty awesome, right? So, you want to give them everything they could possibly want, right? You know it. If you want to make your cat feel like they are the only cat in the world, then why not gift them with a giant apartment? That’s exactly what this person decided to do.

On the bottom floor, this cat has their own living area, complete with a workbench and a view of the yard. On the top floor, this cat has a bed that will keep them warm and cozy when the rain comes. Some people will say this is a bit much, but these are probably people who don’t have cats.

Keeping it natural

Are these not the cutest kitties you’ve ever seen? This owner has taken this catio to a whole new level and offers something that looks more like a natural palace than a constructed structure. After all, you can’t even see that there are walls on this thing!

These cats are clearly enjoying their natural catio because we don’t think we’ve ever seen cats so chilled out. There are some just lounging on the ground, there are others who are perched in their baskets, and there are others who are having a little wander. It has everything they could possibly want. Can we move in?

Short on space

If you’re short on space but still want to give your kitty the life they deserve, then you’ll be happy to know that it’s not the end of the world. Never fear, because you can still provide your cat with an epic space to call their own!

While this may look like more of a jail than a catio, it’s still something, right? With a door that takes them right into the house, this cat can still head outside for a sniff of fresh air and to watch the birds – AKA their dinner – fly past. Sometimes it’s nice to just head out into the open and take a few breaths, and it’s better than nothing.

A rustic vibe

If you’re the kinda person that’s into interior design and cool aesthetics, then why not go to town on your catio? Just because it’s outside doesn’t mean that you can’t work your magic, and that’s exactly what this owner has done.

This quirky and rustic catio looks like it’s stepped right off the pages of Pinterest, and we just can’t cope with all of the little details. From the reclaimed wood to the painted structure and the birdhouses, it’s all so adorable and cute. Our only concern is that the birdhouses may invite visitors that would later become a snack, but we won’t think about that.

Fencing it off

Don’t have the talents to build a treehouse for your cats? Well, don’t worry. There are many people out there who can’t quite hit the nail on the head, but that shouldn’t stop you from creating an outdoor space for your purrfect kitties.

All you need is some wire fencing, and you’ve basically made yourself a catio! Simply fence off the space that you want to keep free for your cats, and then you’re done. This particular catio comes complete with plants, a pond, and even some string lights thrown into the mix. They have a bigger backyard than we do, and we’re not even mad.

Picking and choosing

Let’s be honest; cats are pretty stubborn creatures. Their wants change every few seconds, and it’s sometimes hard to be prepared for such occasions. Trust us. We have the scratches to prove it. This owner decided to think ahead in an attempt to avoid such situations, and came up with a genius catio that would present the cat with all kinds of opportunities.

They can speed up and down the ramps, they can chill out in the sun, or they can just have a wander from one side of the catio to the next. The opportunities really are endless.