Cat Breeds That Shed Less Hair Than Any Others

Some of us love the idea of a cat in the home but have to live with pesky allergies or don’t have the time to vacuum every day. If that’s the case, then it could be time to check out cat breeds that shed less hair than any others.

British Shorthair

The clue is in the title with this cat breed as the British shorthair is known for their, well, short hair. However, they aren’t from Britain, and actually originated in Rome. Although the cats have a thick coat, they have no undercoat meaning there is only one layer of hair to shed. All it takes is a little brushing every now and then, and you should be able to keep your cat’s fur in tip-top condition.

Cornish Rex

These cats can be unusual at first glance as they have a wavy-textured fur. It’s thought the curls in their hair is from a mutation in their genes and gives the Cornish Rex a very soft coat. Many believe these cats don’t shed at all, but that’s not entirely true. In fact, they merely shed less hair than most other breeds of felines in the world thanks to how close their fur lies to their bodies.

Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese bobtail is thought to be one of the oldest breeds of cats in the world and are famous for their short tails. They live all across the islands in Japan where we have discovered that no two of their tails are the same. These felines also only have one layer of fur meaning they tend to shed their coats all in one go around springtime. It’s recommended that owners use a fine tooth comb to encourage new fur to grow back.


Siamese cats have been captivating the world for years, and are one of the most vocal breeds of their kind. That’s not all. They also have incredibly short fur that makes them a lot easier to maintain. All owners need to do is use a fine tooth comb once a week to remove the build-up of any loose hair, and they should find their cat sheds less hair than any others. This is perfect for when this friendly breed decide they want to curl up on your lap.


There might be a reason these cats are considered to shed less hair than any others: many once believed they were hairless! Although it seems as though the breed has no fur, they are actually covered with a very small, very thin layer of hair over their entire bodies. This means they often feel warm and fuzzy like a peach, but may need regular baths to remove the build-up of any excess oils on their skin.

It turns out that not every cat is determined to leave a reminder of its presence on just about everything we own after all. In fact, the cat breeds that shed less hair than any others could be about to change our lives thanks to their minimal dropping of fur. Phew.