What To Do If You Can No Longer Look After Your Dog

Dogs are some of the most loyal creatures in the world, and there’s no doubt about the fact that they quickly become part of the family. It’s incredibly easy to open your heart up to a furry friend, and although most people hope that they can make a lifelong commitment to this animal, certain life events get in the way. Change of circumstances for either the owner or the dog can put both in a difficult situation, and sometimes owners realize that they can longer look after their dog.

Talk to the breeder

If you bought your dog from a registered breeder, there’s a high chance that you will be able to return your dog to the breeder when you realize that you are no longer in a position to look after them. In fact, there are many breeders in this world who put a clause in your contract that requires you to give the dog back to them if you aren’t able to keep them as your own pet. This allows every owner peace of mind and ensures that their dogs will be well cared for after you give them back.

Ask family and friends

It’s never easy to give up a dog – especially if you don’t want to, but need to do so for personal or financial reasons. Because of this, it may be an idea to keep your dog close so that you can still maintain contact with it. By reaching out to family and friends and asking if they have the ability to take on the ownership of your dog, you’ll be able to keep a close eye on how well they are doing and whether they are being treated properly. As a bonus, you’ll also be able to see your old dog on a regular basis.

Find an adopter

While many people decide to buy their dogs from breeders and pet stores, there are many other people who choose to adopt dogs. It’s pretty easy to reach out to those who are on the lookout to adopt a dog, as there are countless groups on Facebook and whole websites dedicated to the cause. By doing this, you can get to know the adopter before they take home your dog, and you can make sure that they are a suitable fit for your beloved pooch.

Take it to a shelter

Animal shelters are used to taking in dogs that can no longer be looked after by their owners, and they know exactly how to go about the motions to get them adopted. At the animal shelter they are fed, watered, and get to interact with other dogs, and they are put on show for potential adopters to come and take a look at them. This way, the shelter does all of the hard work to make sure that the owners are prepared for a new dog in their lives.

It’s always tough to come to the conclusion that you can no longer look after your dog, but you can make it easier.