Can You Actually Teach Your Cat Tricks?

Most of us have been there and seen those dogs performing tricks. We want something more impressive. It’s left many of us wondering if you can actually teach your cat tricks? It turns out it might not be so long until we’re the next performing duo of the world after all.


All you need is some of their favorite food and a little patience to master this trick. The best way to start is by holding the treat a few inches above your cat’s head before slowly moving it toward their tail. This should give them no choice but to sit down. Give your cat the treat as soon as they sit down, so they learn the hand movement means they need to sit. Eventually, start to raise your hand up instead.

High five

This trick can be similar to sit, so it’s important that you use different command words or hand movements to get this trick down. Start by showing your cat a treat in your hand before raising it above their head. Hopefully, they should reach up for it with one of their paws. Use this as your cue to use your command word and give them the food. Mastering this trick could soon lead to handshakes or even waving goodbye with a little more work.

Jumping through hoops

One of the easiest ways to teach your cat to jump through hoops is by luring them through the hoop. All you need to do is get your cat to follow their favorite treat or toy through a hoop. Start by holding the hoop on the floor and getting them to walk back and forward. Once they are comfortable with this, you can start raising it up a little. Do this until your cat needs to jump through the hoop and voila!

Leash training

The best way to walk your cat is on a harness to make sure you don’t harm their throat. Choosing a feline-friendly harness is the first step before getting your cat used to the feel. Letting your cat walk around the house in their new harness will help them to grow comfortable to the feeling. From there, you can start to attach the leash and walk around the house for a few minutes at a time. Finally, you should be ready for your first walk outside.

Target training

This trick involves your cat hitting a target. The first step? Choosing your target! This could be anything from the end of a certain stick to a tennis ball. You need to pay close attention to your cat so that you can reward them as soon as they pay attention to the target. Then, start moving it away from them. It’s all about rewarding your cat whenever they touch the target until eventually, they will come to the object on command.

It turns out that training your cat to do tricks might not be as tough as we first thought. In fact, it might not be long until they have a whole host of tricks up their furry sleeves.