The Best Gifts You Could Give An Animal Lover

Most of us have an animal lover or two in our lives. These are the ones who don’t mind running up to pet someone’s dog without ever talking to their owner and tell the rest of the car there are some cows out the window. These are the best gifts you could give an animal lover.

Pet planters

If your friend loves gardening and animals, then why not combine the two? There are plenty of animal-shaped planters that can be used outside the home while smaller options are great for keeping plants indoors.

Printed socks

Perhaps the cat always has their socks? Maybe the dog chews holes in each pair? Whatever the case, we sure the animal lover in your life will want to keep this pair safe. Why? You can now personalize socks to be covered in your pet’s face. Now, you no longer have to miss them – they’re on your feet!

Personalized pillow

It seems as though you can personalize just about everything nowadays. This even means a pillow or two. All you need is a snap of an animal or pet, and it might not be long before you can bring them to life in a whole new way.

Leash holder

Many of us long for the weekends so we can get out and walk with our dogs. Now, pets can feel even more important thanks to a personalized leash holder. Their leash could be stored safe and sound underneath their own name.

A pet portrait

Believe it or not, but pet portraits don’t have to be as expensive as they first seem. Of course, you can usually spend as much as you want, depending on the size and the reputation of the artist. However, many budding artists want to build their portfolio and charge less for their impressive talents.

A memory frame

These are great ways to keep all those memories safe in new ways. They usually come with pet-safe ink or clay to make a paw print from your favorite pet. The best bit? Many come with space to put a photo of your pet right next to them, so the memories never have to fade away.

Friendship charms

Yes, you read that correctly. There are friendship charms that can be attached to a necklace – for humans – and to the collar of their pet. If your animal-loving friend has a smaller pet or wants something more discreet, how about smaller matching charms instead?

Adopt an animal

It might sound simple, but many animal lovers will be overjoyed to learn they have an animal out there getting a bit of extra love and care in their name. If they love wild animals and you want to make a difference, then adopting an animal could be the perfect gift.

There are so many great gifts out there that are perfect for every animal lover in our lives. From grand gestures to thoughtful ideas and everything in between – it seems as though there’s no end to the possibilities.