The Best Dog-Friendly Hotels In The World

Do you love going on vacation? Do you also love your dog? Well, what if we told you that you could mix your two loves into one perfect little sandwich? Although many people choose to leave their pets behind when they go on vacation, this is normally only because many hotels and resorts across the globe do not allow pets within their four walls. However, it seems as though more and more of them are becoming open to welcoming pooches, and allowing them to also live the life of luxury.

NIZUC, Mexico

If you’ve always wanted to head to Mexico, then it might be a good idea to head to NIZUC. This luxurious hotel will not only be a treat for the humans on your trip, but also for the dogs. That’s because the staff here knows that people want to vacation with their dogs, and have allowed them within various aspects of the hotel. Not only do they have their own special menu, but they can also take part in paddleboarding, swim in the pools, head to the spa, and so much more.

Kimpton Hotels, Worldwide

If you’re looking for a hotel chain across the globe that offers pet-friendly service in all of their locations, then Kimpton Hotels have got your back. With 60 hotels scattered across the globe, it’s no wonder that dog owners shell out good money to stay in them. That’s because they do everything they can to ensure that their dogs are well looked after, and even have a dog that serves as the Director of Pet Relations! With toys, treats, water, and more in your room, you can even treat your dog to doggy room service if you want to give them a real taste of the good life.

Eden Roc Cap Cana, Dominican Republic

Finding the perfect hotel for your stay isn’t easy, but if you want to experience the finer things in life, then it’s a no-brainer. The Eden Roc Cap Cana hotel in the Dominican Republic is known across the world for providing top-class service to humans and animals alike. With everything from a “Bone Appetite” menu to doggy bedding, your dog will be treated like the VID (Very Important Dog) they really are. It may be a bit more expensive than your average hotel, but that’s the price you pay for luxury.

Rosewood, London

The people of London love their pooches, which is why the impressive Rosewood Hotel offers their visitors the chance to book their Luxury Canine Package. While this will set you back around $3,000 per night for a couple and their dog, some might say that it’s worth it. After all, you will be gifted with a grooming session from one of the most prestigious groomers in the world, some wonderful doggy clothing and accessories from Barbour, and some of the greatest dog food you will ever come across.

Looking to take your dog on vacation? Well, these hotels should definitely be on your list.