These Are The Best Dog Breeds For Families With Kids

Perhaps you’ve decided that the addition of two little feet isn’t enough and you need a four-legged friend to finally complete your family? Maybe you’ve always had a pooch and finally have the time to welcome another into the fold? Whatever your reason for looking at adding a new pet to your brood, these are the best dog breeds for families with kids.


They look like giant teddy bears and act just like them, too. Newfoundlands are the perfect addition to many family homes thanks to their kind and loving nature. Don’t let their size fool you. This breed has been known to care for and nanny any young children thanks to their protective instincts. Plus, Newfoundlands have earned a reputation for being incredible swimmers, and have even been seen saving people from the water.

Labrador Retriever

There is a reason this breed has been the most popular in the U.S. for so many years: they are so full of energy. That’s not all. Labradors are also known for their loving personalities that means they often fall for all members of the family. As if that wasn’t enough, their love of running around and keeping fit makes them the ideal breed for any families with kids that love to get up and active.


Those smooshed faces and adorable looks are there for more than just our pleasure; pugs can also make some of the best dogs for families with kids. This breed loves everything that comes with eating and sleeping, but will up the ante if they feel like they need to entertain. To top it off, their small size means pugs don’t take up too much space in the family home. Thankfully, their personalities make up for their small stature.


There are so many benefits of opting for a poodle to join your family. They come in three different sizes, as well as a host of colors. Poodles are also thought to be pretty intelligent pooches who love to play and head on adventures with the rest of the family. Still not enough? These dogs are also hypoallergenic meaning they are perfect for any families with allergies. However, it’s still essential to book in regular grooming sessions for your pooch.

Irish Wolfhound

Don’t let this breed’s size put you off welcoming them into your family. Irish wolfhounds can actually make the perfect additions to many homes, especially those with children. Although they one of the largest breeds in the world, Irish wolfhounds love to sleep, meaning they are most happy when they have somewhere comfortable to rest. This also means there is plenty of time to get on with family life while your four-legged friend rests up for the next family adventure.

Having kids around doesn’t mean the end of life with a dog. In fact, these dog breeds best suited for families prove how there is always enough love in a home to go around. So, which four-legged friend are you going to buy or rescue to complete the family?