Best Dog Breed For Runners

Dogs are indeed one of the pets endowed with a wide range of benefits. Whereas the traditional benefits were associated with security, a dog is now a perfect friend and ideal running partner — whether you run just for fun or as a career.

What to consider before you start to run with your dog

The primary consideration must be the purpose of running. Are you are running for fun or doing it as a career?

Secondly, pay close consideration to the breed. The breed chosen must always depend on whether you are running for fun or professionally as well as the distance you’ll be running. Notably, only select breeds are ideal for long-distance running.

To get the best results when running with your dog, have a running program. Let the dog get acquainted with a running schedule. This way, you will avoid ambushing the dog, which in most cases may turn the dog uncooperative.

Also, remember to always have your dog in the right running gear, such as a hands-free gig leash.

A dog vs. a human partner

Having a dog as a running partner has been shown to have a lot of benefits compared to a human partner.

First and foremost, dogs are a perfect match. Having a human partner who matches your run speed can prove difficult. With dogs, all you have to do is to ensure that you select the proper breed, which is quite easy. Certain breeds have been shown to have the ability to reach breakneck speeds. For instance, Usain Bolt’s world record for the 100m sprint stands at 9.58 seconds. The Greyhound dog breed clocked in a record time of 5.02 seconds over that same distance.

Dogs are naturally created with the ability to run. As a runner, you won’t have to worry as much about preparing them to run and acquainting them with the activity. Also, dogs will run at any time and over any distance. Since they enjoy running, a dog will motivate you to run even more. They will never complain about the weather or such issues, unlike some humans.

Running with your dog provides some health benefits. Running helps keep any potential obesity of the dog at bay. Other health benefits are improving muscle tone and building endurance. Moreover, dogs derive fun from running and are thus happier.

Top five dog breeds for runners

  1. Greyhounds: They have the natural ability to run. They are ideal for short-distance running but are also good partners over longer distances. In fact, greyhounds have been created for racing and coursing games.
  2. Weimaraners: They are ideal for long, steady runs. To this end, this breed is medium-size with a good amount of muscle..
  3. Rhodesian Ridgebacks: This is a strong breed ideal for running in the warmer climates. The breed has an internal engine that makes them go for long distances and stand the heat with ease.
  4. Pit bulls: They are popular for their high intellectual ability. Although it is a rare breed for running, the pit bull is ideal for brisk and short runs.
  5. Golden and Labrador Retrievers: From brisk, short runs to long, slow runs, this breed can handle almost any type of running. Also, the breed is particularly friendly to humans.