These Are The Best Cat Cafes In The World

There have been many trends over the years, but now there’s one that many of us can get on board with: cat cafes. If you want a way to combine your love with hot drinks, a sweet treat, and cats then look no further; these are the best cat cafes in the world.

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, London

It took a long campaign for Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium to get off the ground, but it opened the doors back in 204 and has been keeping people entertained ever since. The cafe houses a host of rescue cats who all spend the day socializing with anyone enjoying a drink and snack. People need to book a seat here, which costs $8 for two hours.

Nyafe Melange, Tokyo

This cafe aims to give people all the cat time they need as many don’t have the space to welcome a feline friend into their homes. Thankfully, the cat cafes throughout the city all work to make sure there is a cat for everyone, with some hosting black cats while others have rare breeds. It’s all about socializing with these furry friends.

La Gatoteca, Madrid

La Gatoteca specializes in offering stray cats a place to stay. The cafe can only care for 15 cats at one time, but they hope to find a home for every four-legged friend they welcome inside. Yes, all the cats in the cafe are looking for a family of their own to love, especially as it means that La Gatoteca will be able to welcome in more cats.

Cafe Neko, Vienna

Vienna has become known for its spiritual coffee houses. Now, Cafe Neko puts a new twist on the city as it’s filled with cats for guests to enjoy. The cafe is owned by a Japanese local, meaning there are plenty of traditional Japanese offerings on the menu, but that’s not all. The cafe is also filled with Viennese cats, such as Momo and Thomas.

Brooklyn Cat Cafe, Brooklyn

This is the first cat cafe to appear in Brooklyn giving people in the city a chance to spend half an hour playing with cats after a long day in the office. Thankfully, everyone can enjoy the action no matter where they are in the world thanks to the 24-hour cat cm that shows off felines in their care. The best bit? All of the cats are up for adoption.

KitTea, San Francisco

Of course, San Francisco’s cat cafe is at the top of the trendy chart as the sleek, wooden obstacle course that lines the walls give their cats the perfect place to play and explore. It’s best to book a spot at the KitTea cafe to make sure that you land a space, but once inside, you can spend hours playing with up to twelve cats at once.

No longer do we have to choose between a cafe or spending time with cats. It turns out that the best cat cafes in the world give us the best of both worlds that we never knew we needed until now.