What Are The Best Bird Breeds To Keep As Pets?

Welcoming a pet into your family can be one of the best things you ever do. By doing this, you are welcoming a friend, an entertainer, and a companion into your life, and this can be hugely beneficial to yourself and the rest of your family members. But how do you pick an animal? While it can be easy to adopt a dog or a cat, it seems as though more and more people are opting to keep birds as pets. These adorable and beautiful birds can bring a huge amount of joy to the world, but it’s important to choose the right bird breed for you.


The budgie is perhaps one of the most common birds to keep as a pet because it’s one of the smallest ones out there. This small size is perfect for those who want their children to play a part in their upbringing, and also because they take up less space in your house. While they will need space to enjoy their cage, this cage won’t have to take up half of your living room. As if that wasn’t enough, budgies are also considered to be extremely playful with those closest to them.


Do you have your eye on a beautiful cockatoo? Well, we don’t blame you. These birds are absolutely stunning, and they will definitely put a smile on your face when you see them from across the room. Cockatoos are also extremely popular because they do talk. You can normally teach your bird to have its own vocabulary – although this will be limited – and they are also easy to train. Because of this, they aren’t hard work for those who are new to the bird game.

African Grey Parrots

If you’re looking for a bird that isn’t too small, but also isn’t too large, then the African grey could be the perfect parrot for you. These birds are easy to handle, and they also strike the best kind of balance. While they love nothing more than hanging out with their owner and spending some quality time together, they are also fairly independent. Because of this, you can sometimes leave them to their own devices, which frees up some time for the owners.


Cockatiels are often considered to be some of the coolest birds that this world has to offer, and it’s not hard to see why. These birds are incredibly affectionate creatures and will form an unimaginable bond with their owners. Because of this, they will snuggle up to you, they will groom you, and they will want to stay with you at all times. As if that wasn’t enough, cockatiels are also rather inexpensive, because they don’t need a huge cage or toys, and they don’t have a huge appetite.

Are you interested in adding a bird to your family? Although we have no doubt about the fact that you will love any bird you choose, it’s best to do your research before making a final decision.