Hilarious Photos Of Animals Riding Other Animals

While some animals work with each other, others have figured out how to get other animals to work for them instead. These animals riding other animals show sometimes we need to think smarter – not harder.

Sometimes, it can feel as though we all need to learn how to get along a little better. After all, the world might feel like a big place, but it might not be long before you find yourself bumping into the same people on the bus or subway to work. What if we told you that those random passing strangers could become your transport instead? It might sound strange, but many animals have perfected how to ride other animals. Why can’t we put their skills to good use?

Believe it or not, but many animals rely on each other. Yes, some wolves hunt with hyenas, while crabs carry venomous sea urchins along on their backs, and some crocodiles let birds pick any food that is stuck out from between their teeth. However, it turns out that it might not always be survival of the fittest, but survival of the unfittest as these animals know how to save their energy and let someone else do all the hard work for them.

Feeling crabby

Have you ever had one of those days when you just feel a little crabby? It turns out this dog might have been feeling the same way.

They probably never imagined they would end up with another friend on their head when they went to collect their favorite tennis ball.

But hey, this crab wanted to see what the world looked like from a higher view. Being a crab can be hard work. Thankfully, they no longer have to worry about crab-walking their way across the beach as they can get from one end to the other faster than any crab in the land.

Trouble in the water

There are some sights that many of us never think we will see. A frog riding a goldfish is probably one of them.

It might have been a long time since we read The Wind in the Willows, but we never remember the part where Toad ditched his motorcars for a scaled ride instead.

Perhaps he was looking for a more eco-friendly way to enjoy his estate? Could his new obsession have been to find the Lochness Monster and he settled for the first fish that swam close enough to grab? Whatever the case, it looks as though this frog is hanging on tightly to its new friend.

Strike a pose

Dogs are great, right? There are many reasons they are often referred to as man’s best friend, but it seems as though this one has ditched their owner in favor of a four-legged ride instead.

‘This pony is busy showing off its new tricks when it was joined by a new partner for their act.

The dog in the background appears to be wondering how they ended up with a simple stall as their way to see new heights while their friend gets to ride around in style. We’re just glad that someone managed to find some horse boots and a dog collar in a matching shade of pink.

Keeping dry

Some creatures love to live in the water. Others like to steer clear of the wet stuff. Ths toad appears to be at home in the lake, while their new friend seems to be looking for dry land.

We can’t help but wonder how the mouse ended up in such a place, but at least they have a quick-fix to keep dry.

Hopefully, the toad took pity on their new buddy and safely swam them to somewhere dry. If not, the mouse might soon find themselves in a swimming lesson they never asked for. They best be sure to hold on tight to their new ride.

Taming the beast

The rainforest is filled with all kinds of creatures. Many of them love to spread their wings and show off their bright colors to the rest of the animals.

So what happens when one monkey decides that it’s had enough of swinging through the trees and they want to see their home from a new height?

That’s easy; all they need to do is wait for a passing parrot, make the leap, and hope they are able to catch their new feathered friend before they fly away. While the monkey might be feeling victorious, the parrot looks less than impressed at being a ride.

Catching some z’s

One of the best things about dogs is they all have such different personalities.

Some love to pass the days running around the yard chasing after their favorite tennis balls while others prefer to spend their time somewhere comfortable catching up on all those lost hours of sleep.

Apparently, this is what happens when the two come together. It’s hard to find something worse than getting comfortable only for someone to call your name. Rather than interrupt their sleep, this Frenchie appears to have found the perfect solution to keep themselves and their owner happy. We’re not sure the other dog feels the same way.

Feeling the love

Let’s face it; mules are pretty impressive animals. They have all the strength and stamina of donkeys while keeping the intelligence and personality of horses.

What is there not to love? As if that wasn’t enough, they are great working animals as they can carry their riders for hours over all kinds of terrain.

We never thought that mules could get any better. That was until we saw a snap of this pug who has claimed their farm friend as their own personal ride. At last, two of the greatest animals have come together to make one adorable partnership – and they both look so pleased with themselves.

Time to play

Believe it or not, but this photo of a bottlenose dolphin riding a humpback whale isn’t an accident. Yes, it turns out the two water friends have built an incredible relationship over the years.

Many animals have learned to work side by side over the years as some eat bugs off of others while other animals pair up to hunt together.

They often both get something in return, but what does the dolphin or whale get out of this? The snap was taken in Hawaii, and many experts believe the only thing they are doing is having fun and playing with one another.

Brand new hat

Crocodiles are the modern-day dinosaurs that have remained almost unchanged for millions of years.

They are the creatures of many people’s nightmares as they lurk hidden underneath the murky waters just waiting to make their attack. So how has one of the greatest hunters of all time ended up with a pelican on its back?

It turns out that it might be more than just the pelican mistaking the croc for a long. The bird gets a free ride across the lake, while the crocodile has someone on top looking out for fish and other creatures along the way. It’s a win-win situation.

Ride the rodeo

Rodeo riding is a huge sport across the world. It’s all about learning how to keep your balance when the animal is throwing themselves all over the place.

It looks as though this cowboy has more experience at holding on than many thanks to their generations of expertise at holding on in trees.

While this dog might not buck and bronk like other rodeo animals, we’re sure the collie flew around the course with their rider in tow. That cowboy hat and western saddle help to complete the picture in the best way possible. Hopefully, the pair helped to set a new rodeo record.

Different kind of tree

There are all kinds of beasties living in Australia. From venomous snakes to dangerous spiders and just about everything in between – it can often feel as though all of the animals are out to get you while exploring the bush.

That is until we remember there are also a handful of cuddly creatures to help keep the balance.

Not only was this dog lucky enough to find a koala, but they formed such a bond that the German shepherd soon became their new ride. No longer did the koala have to fight their way through the trees. They got a first-class ride instead.

Life on the ranch

Have you ever felt as though you want to give up your life and run away to start your dreams as a cowboy?

This cat appears to have put their plan into motion as they can now enjoy a life on the ranch filled with chasing all the mice and herding all the coys they can find.

Thankfully, it looks as though it didn’t take this feline too long to slot into their new role. Cowboy hat? Check. Trusty steed? Check. One-arm slouch in the saddle? Check check check. Horses are typically used to all kinds of riders. At least their latest rider probably won’t ask too much.

Top of the mountain

Ok, we’ve finally come to terms with goats living up trees, and we can just about accept they somehow seem to have magical abilities that help them to live on the sides of cliffs.

But what is our mind supposed to do with this new information?

It turns out they might be adapting faster than we ever believed as we have now found that not only can they live on just about anything, but they can travel without having to make any effort, too. Hopefully, this pony understands goat as one bleat means to the left and two means to the right.

Mistaken meal

This photo caused thousands of people around the world to stop and stare in awe. Surely there was no way that a weasel could be riding a woodpecker?

Well, that’s exactly what happened when one couple were out on a walk. Apparently, they heard a loud squawk before they saw the pair take to the skies.

Weasels are known to attack creatures much larger than themselves, with rabbits being some of their favorite food while woodpeckers spend a lot of their time eating on the ground. The weasel’s light weight meant the bird could still take off with their unusual passenger coming along for the ride.

Caught in the middle

It wasn’t until one woman got home and looked through her snaps from the day that she realized she had captured something that is almost unheard of. That’s right; a seal was riding on a humpback whale.

The woman confessed that the pod of whales were in the middle of a feeding frenzy when someone else arrived to join in on the meal.

Amazingly, this isn’t the first time this has happened. A humpback whale has also been spotted as the savior of the sea when they took a seal to safety on their back when they were being attacked by orcas.

Riding on a pig, baby monkey

Were you even around in the 2010s if you didn’t have Baby Monkey stuck in your head at least four times a day?

That’s what we thought. Someone captured the video of Uribo, the boar, running around with baby monkey, Miwa, on their back in Japan before Parry Gripp penned the catchy song to the clip.

It’s been seen millions of times, and many still haven’t been able to compose themselves from the adorableness. The best bit? If you want to know what it’s like to be a pig with a baby monkey, then have no fear as there is a game you can play based on the pair.

On the lookout

It seems as though monkeys aren’t just talented pig riders after all.

No, they have learned how to tame all kinds of animals over the years, and some appear to be happier at being a ride than others.

It looks as though this pair have built an unbreakable friendship as they both seem to be enjoying themselves. That’s not all. No longer does this dog have to look out for its own tennis balls as it has someone to help guide them to victory, while the monkey can retire from a life of swinging through the trees in favor of one zooming along the floor without a care in the world.

Teamwork makes the dream work

What happens when you get sent to round up the animals only to find that you don’t have the energy and your herd would much rather spend their time eating?

Sometimes, all it takes is a little teamwork to make sure that everyone is happy.

It seems this dog wanted to sit down while the pony hoped to enjoy as much grass as they could eat. Rather than give up what they love, it appears as though the pony agreed to give the dog a ride back to the stables in return for a few extra minutes enjoying the good stuff.

Down to science

Sometimes, it can be tough to remember that all dogs are from the same species. How can there be so many differences?

After all, one snap alone can make it seems as though we’re looking at a dog that’s part teddy bear sat on a dog that’s part bear.

Apparently, most dogs share pretty much the same set of DNA. That is until it comes to one gene that determines how large or small they will grow. The gene interacts with every cell in their body to help them grow or stop them in their tracks. Phew, we think we might need a ride too after all that technical stuff.

Flying me to the moon

Red-tailed hawks are some of the largest hawks in the world who often use their impressive size to prey on other animals.

So how did one end up with a red-winged black-bird on its back? Perhaps the blackbird was impressed to find another red feathered friend?

Believe it or not, but blackbirds are known to be incredibly territorial and will fight off any larger birds that threaten their families. However, it appears as though this one got a little too close for comfort and ended up gliding through the air in a whole new way as a result. At least they go to carpool across the sky, right?

A slow ride

Many cat owners are used to their four-legged friends sitting in the most unusual of places. Cardboard boxes are usually a fan favorite while the arms of the couch and the tops of fences can also be firm contenders.

So what about when your kitten decides that your new tortoise is the perfect place to sit back and relax?

They might not be known for their speed, but tortoises certainly know how to get going from one place to another. All the kitten needs to do is sit back and enjoy the ride as they put as little effort as possible into moving.

A snail’s pace

It’s not only our pets that are often looking for new ways to put their feet up and let someone else do the hard work.

That’s right; even the creepy crawlies of the world know how to relax every now and then.

It appears as though this ladybird had enough of having to fly everywhere they needed to go and thought life in the slow lane was the way forward instead. That, or they required a mighty steed to ride into battle to show the other bugs who the king of the lawn really is once and for all. Sadly, they might not get there anytime soon.

Head in the clouds

Many of us have enjoyed a woolen jumper on a cold night, or fallen into a fluffy bed of snuggliness when we need a place to nap.

A farmyard might not be the first place we think of when we’re looking for somewhere soft and comfy to lay.

That is until this goat showed us all how it was done. Not only do they get to see the world from a new height, but the goat also gets to keep warm and stay snug along the way. We can’t say that we know what it’s like to ride a cloud, but we’re sure this is pretty close.

A noisy ride

Roosters can be great. Sadly, it might not be long before their daily 4am wake-up calls start to get a little annoying.

Can’t they just take one day off? Although it was peaceful, we’re sure that everyone was confused when their rooster stayed silent one morning.

It turns out that it was more than just the residents that had enough of the alarm. This kitten also appears to have had enough of being woken up from their catnap. Rather than suffer in silence, it seems as though they’ve given the rooster something else to do instead: carry them around the farm.

Trio of friends

It comes to something when you are known as the dog-cat-rat guy, but that’s the reality for Gregory Pike.

It all started when he adopted his dog. It wasn’t long before he discovered a litter of kittens who needed help. Gregory found homes for all of them but one, and the dog soon adopted the cat as their own.

The final piece of the puzzle was a rat. So how do they stack? Gregory admits the cat started to ride on the dog, and it wasn’t long before they got so used to the rats that they let them climb aboard, too.

Teaming up

Many horse riders love to take their dogs out for a stroll while they enjoy Mother Nature and the freedom that comes with being so far away from the rest of the world.

What happens when the dogs decide they have enough of walking and want to take the easier option instead?

Apparently, that’s when the three pair up and decide to put their friendship to the test. Thankfully, it seems as though the dogs have things figured. One has taken the reins while the other keeps a lookout for any danger that could come their way. The horse? They don’t seem to mind too much.

Touring the zoo

It seems as though living in a zoo doesn’t mean that you have to stick with your cage mates after all.

If the animals get bored with the usual company, all they need to do is take a leaf out of this monkey’s book and head over to see someone else instead. That’s not all.

As well as getting a new friend to pass the time, they could have a whole new way to see the sights, too. It might not be long before this monkey guided tour become the next bestseller and people from across the world flock to see this one-of-a-kind show.

Anything can happen

What could be better than one fluffy critter? Two, of course. Guinea pigs are often underestimated rodents as they are a lot more intelligent than many people give them credit for.

This means they can often be trained to perform a whole host of tricks.

What about becoming a ride for another furry friend? It certainly appears as though someone has put their time to good use to prove that anything is possible. All it took was a tiny western saddle accompanied by an even smaller cowboy hat and two fluffy creatures willing to make dreams come true to pull off the trick.

Gliding at new heights

It seems as though this frog is in no rush to get to wherever they are heading as one blue-webbed flying tree frog was captured catching a lift on the back of a snail.

Amazingly, it turns out this frog can do a lot more than hop along the floor.

Thousands of species of frogs have also adapted to learn how to open their enlarged feet to help glide along through the air rather than crash land in a heap. To top it off, some have even learned how to conserve their energy and let someone else do the walking.

An unlikely friendship

Skye was once rescued by animal services after the Staffordshire bull terrier was severely underweight and needed a new place to call home. Not only did she find a new family, but Skye also made a new best friend, too.

George, the lizard, was already a part of the family, and it wasn’t long before he took the new arrival under his wing.

The two are inseparable as they now enjoy cuddling up on the same bed together and sharing food from the same bowl. It seems as though nothing can keep the pair apart as Skye even carried George to the yard to sunbathe in the summer.

Clowning around

Boston terriers are great, aren’t they? As well as being great family pets, they are often spotted getting into all kinds of trouble thanks to their curious nature.

Rumbas are no longer safe, and even tortoises have become the transport of choice for some as these dogs love to look for ways to push the boundaries a little further.

However, this Boston terrier decided the best way to up the show was to climb on the back of the family’s pet pig and ride them around the yard. That’s certainly one way to make sure you’re the clown of the family.

Working in harmony

It seems as though this antelope and these oxpeckers need each other more than many of us believe. That’s right; they both play a vital role in keeping the other one happy.

In fact, oxpeckers are some of the most important birds in the animal kingdom as they help remove any unwanted ticks or bugs from an animal.

For the birds, it’s an easy meal, while the mammals, such as antelope, bison, and rhinos, all get a free makeover. All they need to do is carry the birds around with them every now and then, so both species get to benefit from the free ride.

Breaking the boundaries

It can be tough to find anything more adorable than baby animals. That is until we get two of them in the same room.

Many cats love to spend hours chasing birds and playing with feathers, but what about when the two natural enemies become the best of friends?

They already have a pretty unusual relationship. However, it doesn’t end there. The little kitten gets to be a new ride for the chick before they learn how to spread their wings and stand on their own two feet. Why do these little fluff balls have to grow up? Can’t we keep them this small forever?

Two water beauties

Amazingly, this dragonfly could be braver than many of us ever thought. It turns out that in the wild, kingfishers will often prey on the insects and enjoy them as their next meal.

However, they sometimes come together as two of the most beautiful creatures of the stream to put their differences aside.

There have been many myths about dragonflies throughout time. Over the years, many thought they would bite horses, but they are actually attracted to the flies around the horses instead! To top it off, kingfishers are some of the only birds in the world that can hover in one place.

Earning their marks

Many of us have seen monkeys pulling all kinds of tricks over the years. It seems as though many will do almost anything to keep themselves amused, even if it means finding another partner for their performance.

This monkey was lucky enough to find a goat.

This was the perfect place to show off their new gymnastic skills. After pulling off all those front loops, flairs, double-leg circles, and 360-degree swings, the monkey finished their routine with a simple handstand. We just hope they were able to nail the landing to score those top marks from the judges or all of that hard work would be for nothing.