These Animals Look Like Aliens But You Can Keep Them As Pets

Many of us love the weird and wonderful things in the world. If that sounds familiar, then why not find a way to show off your love with one of these animals that look like aliens as you can keep them as pets? Yes, your family could be about to get one strange addition stronger.


Believe it or not, but axolotls are a type of salamander that never goes through a metamorphosis and spend their entire life living underwater instead. This means people need a large tank to keep them happy, and should be left in the water unless absolutely necessary. It’s best to keep one axolotl per enclosure. While frozen fish food, worms, or shrimp should keep them happy.

Flower bear

The kinkajou, better known as the flower bear, is part of the raccoon family. Many generations have been tamed to help make them the perfect, loving pets. They are usually playful, but caution should be taken as they can sometimes get over-excited. It’s probably best to make sure there’s nothing expensive in reach when playing with your flower bear.


Many of us have welcomed guinea pigs over the years. Now, it could be time to welcome one of their giant cousins. Capybaras are the largest rodent in the world as they can grow up to four feet long. It’s best to build a bond with your capybara from a young age. They also need plenty of room to run and swim – yes, they spend a lot of time in the water.

Stick insect

Yes, all those years you spent caring for a pet rock when you were a child have prepared you for this moment. Now, you can care for a living, breathing stick. These insects need a reasonably large tank to make sure they have the room to hang, and it’s essential to have more than one as a pet. The best bit? They’re pretty low-maintenance creatures to welcome into your life.

Sugar glider

Amazingly, sugar gliders are related to possums and are now becoming widely popular pets around the world. They love to live in groups as these little animals socialize with each other all day long. Their impressive feature? They can extend their arms and legs to glide through the air. Just make sure their cage has lots of branches and space to keep these animals amused.

Hissing cockroach

Some think of cockroaches as a pest, but hissing cockroaches are pretty impressive – and make for some unusual looking pets. As well as growing to remarkable sizes, these insects also make an unmistakable hissing noise when they are scared or stressed. They don’t bite or fly, and will happily spend their days burrowing and eating the likes of vegetables, dry pellets, or dog food.

It seems as though your pet could get one step stranger thanks to these animals that look like aliens that you can keep as pets. Whoever knew there were so many weird and wonderful creatures in the world? Let alone the fact we could keep one.