Is Angelina Jolie Dating A Realtor?

Angelina Jolie is one of the most beautiful women in the world, a humanitarian and mother to Maddox, Pax and the clan of Jolie-Pitt children. She is an Oscar winner and international superstar.

While married to Billy Bob Thornton, they both wore matching vials of each other’s blood. A renegade and strikingly beautiful woman, Angelina met Brad Pitt on the scene of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Sparks flew, and their onscreen romance moved off screen at light speed. Brad divorced Hollywood sweetheart Jennifer Anniston, and Brad and Angelina became one of Hollywood’s most powerful and good-looking couples — the king and queen of the red carpet.


As their careers and family grew over the years, they were one of the world’s most loved super couples. Angelina matured and changed, using her fame to support international causes as a United Nations ambassador.

The world was shocked to hear of problems in the Jolie-Pitt marriage, and it wasn’t long before divorce papers were filed. Brad and Angelina were a dream couple with a brood of beautiful children.

Who will Angelina date next? The world is watching closely.

She’s one of the most eligible bacholerettes on the block. Has Angelina been handing out red roses to potential suitors? The Hollywood super power couple’s split made headline news, and we’re sure many men across the world cheered at the idea that they could date one of the most beautiful and talented superstars of the 21st century. Is Angelina single and on the market?

The internet is buzzing with news from a tipster that Angelina is seeing a handsome older man who works as a realtor. ETOnline broke the story, but their source’s information was vague at best. It was reported that Angelina is enjoying some adult company and dating the lucky man. However, details were scant.


Given that the Jolie-Pitts are a family-first and children-oriented clan that likes to guard their privacy, Angelina is unlikely to casually date anyone. The 42-year-old actress could have her pick up of suitors, too. This would be her first foray into the dating scene since her split from Brad, and it was reported that her new love interest was nothing serious — just a chance for her to have adult company. No other details were given.

News agencies have picked up the rumors and run with this hot celeb news. It has not been confirmed or corroborated by other sources.

The reality is that Angelina is not dating anyone and is still in divorce negotiations with Brad Pitt. The Oscar winner and humanitarian is too busy with her career (Maleficient 2 and The One and Only Ivan are due in the spring). Angelina is co-parenting her six beautiful children and definitely not giving out date cards at the moment. Single men of the world will just have to bide their time.a